Last week in my post about Barefaced Confidence I got chatting about the relationship women have with make-up and why we rely on it so heavily for confidence. If you haven't read it yet then I highly suggest you do before reading on in today's post as you will understand the reason behind this on a lot more.

Apart from it being unhealthy psychologically to rely on make-up, it's also unhealthy physically for your skin and its natural oils and acid mantle.

I know a lot of us suffer with acne trouble nowadays and then there's the hyper pigmentation, scarring, cystic spots and so on and so forth. It seems a lot of us have some sort of issue to deal with and that can and has led to a lot of us becoming so dependent on make-up to give us the confidence we need to go out and face the world. I do it all the time but it's not good and I just don't want to be that person any more. I'm in my mid-twenties and I want to accept the fact that I don't need make-up to feel good, it's all a waste of time and energy and I have dedicated time and effort over the past year to change how I feel towards my personal use of make-up. 

By spending time without it I have learnt a few tricks to help keep me comfortable in my own skin and that help me to deal with the absolute bare nakedness of my face on the days when nothing is just too much. 

If you love make-up but you just want to find another way to feel confident without the use of it but find it too difficult to leave the house barefaced, then hopefully you can use some of my ideas to start easing yourself into this new way of life. It brings a lot more freedom, as well as time and you will slowly begin to enjoy the benefits of not wearing or depending on make-up for everyday confidence. Of course if you just can't be without it there's absolutely no judgement on my part, I totally understand and you should do whatever makes you the happiest and most confident and do whatever suits you best.


WHY: This one may not be for everybody but I am well aware that there are those who like myself, don't mind a bit of a faux glow from time to time. Using a gradual tanner on your face can build a very light tan to which can totally perk up your appearance and also reduce the appearance of redness and any thread veins around the nose or chin. Using a gradual tan on my face, neck and decollete is my secret to feeling much more confident without putting any foundation or concealer on my face. It gives you a healthy glow but allows your skin to breathe and some brands out there contain amazing ingredients so that it treats your skin as you tan. I totally recommend this trick and I always say the more natural it looks the better, so don't go crazy dark you just want the slightest hint of colour, nothing too obvious!
RECOMMENDED: TanOrganic Self- tanning oil because you can mix just 2-3 drops in with your regular moisturiser before bed and wake up to a beautiful sun kissed glow and the ingredients are really nourishing as well as natural. Remember to blend on to neck and decollete for even coverage and a natural blend!


WHY: Failing the use of a gradual tan, sunglasses are my favourite accessory to use when I'm barefaced. Sometimes no matter how confident you want to be you just can't be showing those dark under eyes. Those of you who don't have this problem are truly blessed and you my friend can totally skip this idea. Sparse Brows, bags under the eyes, headaches or driving into what can sometimes feel like the actual sun; sunglasses are the way to go. When I'm not using my gradual tanner, I'll reach for these and I immediately feel more confident and it's not because I'm hiding but because most of the time they look good with my outfits and can really pull things together. An absolute essential no matter the time of year if you ask me!
RECOMMENDED: A decent pair to really protect your eyes in the sun but Primark sunnies are great for any other time of day and place. I absolutely love aviators and cat eye shaped, as I find them to be the most flattering!

WHY: It's very rare that I leave the house without the bare minimum of wearing a lip balm, so on days when make-up is a big no no I love to use a tinted version. Not only is it moisturising but when you choose the right colour it can totally perk up your appearance and bring life to your look. A rosy pink or an orange-red tint to your lips can really make the difference. It also gives the feeling that you have at least something on and can help to reduce the make-up DT's (delirium tremens - shaking nervously, a response to not wearing any make-up) ha-ha!
RECOMMENDED: Primark's £1 tinted lip balm in the shade 'Screen Siren' as it gives a beautiful rosy red tint that just brings your lips to life. It's such a pretty strawberry shade that looks amazing with a gradual tan and a big pair of sunnies to go along!


WHY: Making an effort with your hair really helps with confidence when not wearing any make-up. I find spending 15-20 minutes tonging my hair and creating a few waves or straightening can really help. It's like that question that always seems to come up, No make-up, or bad hair? If you can't have the make-up then style your hair in a pretty fish- tail braid, loose beach waves or even a ballerina bun, the difference it makes to your confidence is unreal. 
RECOMMENDED: I absolutely love the Tresemme Salon Shine Waves hair wand for that natural beachy wave that totally suits my easy-going style. It's just under £30 to purchase and I use it all the time, it really does all the hard work for you so you can look like you've just spent hours at the beach rather than 10 minutes using a curling iron!


WHY: I could not live without lash curlers, my stick straight lashes just do nothing for my eyes. A few good squeezes with the curler makes all the difference and my eyes look much more awake and fresh and I just love the effects such a simple tool can give. It's like o dear and a few seconds later Bam! I'm Yonce, well not quite but you get the idea. Try it and see the difference for yourself. Unless of course you're naturally blessed with curly lashes like everyone else I know! 
RECOMMENDED: I actually don't mind the brands I use, just as long as they give me enough curl and fit my eye shape rather well, these ones from Primark do me just fine and they're only just £1! Total bargain!

Of course you could totally combine all of these things together and be a total barefaced glamazon. Do whatever helps you through the days when not wearing make-up feels more depressing. If you are new to this then please give yourself time and don't put any pressure on yourself to not wear make-up, perhaps gradually introduce my ideas and work your way through to total naked skin rather than going cold turkey. 

I think it's so important that we as women with our natural beauty and imperfections really encourage and show the world that you don't need to rely on make-up as your main source of confidence. Hec, you don't even need these things but this was my way of doing it and I really found these tips were what got me through and I really wanted to share them with the idea of helping someone else out there whose going through the same thing.

I really hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know if you would try any of these tips and if you found this post useful. Have a wonderful day! x 


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