As the months fly by and Summer comes to an end, we all begin to get ready for the next season and today I want to share some of the products I just adored using throughout July and would highly recommend. I can't believe we're about to head into Autumn, though my favourite season of the year, it's still a very scary thought but nonetheless is a fun time for Make-up and Fashion.
Holos Anti-Ageing Facial Oil
£15.60 Buy Here

This is such as beautiful product to use on dry skin as it doesn't leave a heavy residue but absorbs beautifully and softens and smooths everything out. I absolutely adore the scent as it reminds me of Turkish delights and is a subtle rose fragrance to help you relax. I've noticed quite the difference in the hyper-pigmentation marks left over from old acne spots and they aren't as purple or harsh looking. It's totally vegan and organic and if you adore facial oils this one should be on your next shopping list, it's just gorgeous - an absolute must-have product!

MUA 'Bare' Nude Lipstick
£1-00 Buy Here

MUA was a brand that I turned to when I was studying at college and on a tight student budget and their products, especially their eye shadow palettes, quickly became favourites in my make-up stash. Well, they've done it again but this time with a fabulous nude lipstick called 'Bare' which I haven't stopped wearing. It looks much more expensive that what it is and is the perfect mix of caramel brown and peach, so it's definitely more on the warmer side. I totally recommend you pick one up because not only will it go with tons of different make-up looks but it costs just £1! How insane is that?
L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo
£3.99 Buy Here

Fine, limp and lifeless hair? Yeah, me too. I have that naturally flat hair vibe constantly and no matter how much hairspray or volumising mousse I apply, it still straightens itself out and looks rather bland. Now, I'm not saying this shampoo will change your life but it really adds to the thickness of your hair. My hair looks so much better after a wash in this and really helps to boost volume for curls or waves and my roots have a bit more lift. The scent is absolutely gorgeous too and I have grown to love this shampoo because it really does work. 

NYC Shine In a Minute 'New York Spring' Nail Polish
£1.79 Buy Here

If you love milky pink nail varnishes this one is something to try out next. It truly has been a favourite because I wore it constantly throughout July and every time it chipped, I would simply remove and re-apply. It takes 2-3 coats for complete opacity but looks great with either pale skin or a tan and lasted about 3 days at a time. It is very glossy and I am a huge fan of NYC for their affordable range of products but I am even moreso for their nail polishes.

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan 'Deep'
£7.79 Buy Here

I picked up a bottle of this several weeks ago and fell back in love with this product, after being separated for many years due to my loyalty and love for Dove Summer glow but this gradual tan is just gorgeous. It smells just like fresh apricots and feels very nourishing on the skin. It really does give you a deep colour and isn't something I would personally build upon with my super pale skin. If you can't be bothered with a lot of skin prep or the more instant tans then this is a really great option for a natural colour that lasts up to a week. 

Well, that's all for this month. I tried to pick just 5 things so I wouldn't bore you to death and these products really were total stand-outs and made July a lot more fun. Let me know if you try any of these products and what your favourites were! Have a great August! 


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