Yeah, so you've just woken up and the thought of spending the morning trying to match your winged eye liner and styling your hair for the day immediately puts you in a bad mood...

Hair washing, nail painting and all other manner of beauty rituals are just not your thing on a daily basis and let's face it you're probably going to give up half way through if you attempt to do something fancy like nail art, or using hot hair rollers and you can forget that Kylie Jenner lip too, nobody can be arsed to spend 15-20 minutes at 6:30am to recreate a teen idols make-up look when their approaching 30.

If any of this sounds familiar then you my friend are what I like to call the Basic bi*** and I have a lot of respect for you. Even my high-maintenance self will strip the routine back to the basics when I just can't be bothered and life isn't going as planned.

If you are one of these laid back lassies then today's post is just for you. Here are my top beauty essential tools and products to keep your routine not only basic and beautifying but multi-tasking and without having to make a whole lot of effort . Whether or not your basic, feeling ill or just cannot be bothered with life, then I hope you find this post useful.


Dry Shampoo - You might've just washed your hair two days ago but girl you need something to keep those roots lifted and fresh. Dry shampoo is every woman's best friend and it should be yours too. Keep a travel sized can in your handbag, schoolbag or desk drawer for touch ups after rain storms, to help maintain that fringe which seems to have an oil pan hidden underneath it and also keep your high pony or messy braid in place. Dry shampoo is a great multi-tasking, hair transforming product and you should never be without it. Grab my favourites from here & here!


Baby/Make-up Wipes - Micellar, what even? Who can be bothered to go and find cotton pads to apply this magical make-up removing water anyway? Baby wipes are the go-to and can be used for everything. Dirty desk at work? Using public loo's that haven't got any soap left to dispense? Baby wipes are always the answer and if I teach you nothing else in life, then take my word that baby wipes are your new secret weapon. They come in handy for everything, so never leave the house without packing some into your work bag. Trust me, you'll be amazed at the uses you find for them, including cleaning the computer screen and removing dog poop of your brand new suede boots from Zara...Yup. Grab my favourites here!


Quick Dry Moisturiser - Patience is not a virtue and we can't all be bothered to wait around for the nourishing body creams that smell like a botanical garden to dry. You need quick, you need fresh and you need to be comfortable if you're ever going to keep using the darn thing. Vaseline spray lotions are the bomb-diggity for keeping skin soft and smelling fresh and I totally recommend them. It's the perfect product for the lazy/sick//can't be bothered with life kind of days and I think we can all agree that body butters are just a no go. You'll never look for another moisturiser again after this one, it's great for cooling you down too! (a.k.a the hormones) Grab it here!


Handcream - Probably doesn't sound like something you would think to use but my friend, handcream isn't just for the obvious reason. Blisters, rough patches of skin, empy tube of regular facial moisturiser and static hair can all benefit from a little application of a handcream. Spend a few extra pounds on one if you can because those frizzy ends and 'I've just got new shoes' blisters could do with some better quality ingredients. Never underestimate the power of handcream, always take it with you! Grab my favourite one from Nivea here!


Eyelash curlers - When make-up is a big no no, eye lash curlers are your everything. They really can make a difference to tired eyes and you'll feel a million times better when your lashes are practically touching your brows. They give a much more awake and fresh appearance and those eye bags won't be as noticeable. So if all else fails, just use the damn lash curlers.


Vaseline - My final must-have product is vaseline because this stuff is the ultimate beauty product for the basic woman. Eyelashes, brows, lips, dry heels, cuticles, the list could go on for it's uses and I recommend taking it with you everywhere. It's super affordable, can be found in most pharmacies and high street shops, even at the Boots counter; so you've no excuse not too. Groom your brows, treat those chapped lips and prevent blisters and cuts from the rubbing straps of your heels, it's the only way to go. Grab a tin here or get a mini tub here!

So next time you wake up and life is being rather unkind, use, pack and keep all of these things at hand. They'll make life so much easier and keep you looking together without the serious effort of actually doing anything difficult. It's not hard to squeeze the lashes and spritz some dry shampoo at 7am but it is when you forget to lift your Costa Coffee club card and you can't get your free cinammon bagel for breakfast.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I wish you all a fabulous and fuss-free day!


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