I absolutely adore natural skincare and the more products I try the more benefits I reap and the changes I see. Of course life is made a lot more pleasant when there are brands such as Holos creating these beautiful products to give real results and treat our skin with the best ingredients.

Holos is an Irish skincare brand which is completely Vegan and totally stand against animal testing. All of their products ingredients are sourced from all over the world from those who grow and produce the most natural oils, so you can be sure that this is as organic as it can be.

I have seriously dry skin that's very sensitive and is acne prone, which means I also suffer with hyper pigmentation, it's not a nice combination of problems but I had high hopes for Holos skincare products and couldn't wait to see the difference if any. 

Good Morning Face Cream

 Whilst it's catered more towards oily/combination skin, the balance of oils within it are just perfect for a hit of hydration just before applying your make-up. It's not greasy and smells so fresh that it totally wakes you up first thing in the morning. 

I love the pump dispensing packaging because it makes everything much more sanitary and convenient. I found 2-3 pumps of this covered both my face a neck and sunk in quite quickly. It definitely gives skin that subtle glow to bring you back to life.

I loved using this moisturiser but feel that I would need something heavier because on it's own, it wasn't enough hydration for me personally. What I particularly love about it are beautiful ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil (my personal favourite) grape-seed oil, vitamin E and that citrus burst of lemon, which smells so wonderful during the early morning rises. There are so many more that I could name but I would totally recommend this moisturiser. You will absolutely love it and its paraben- free and no nasties formula will benefit you in the long run.

Love your Skin Anti-Ageing Facial Oil

Packed with nourishing oils to provide hydration and healing this anti-ageing facial oil has become a firm favourite of mine. Though at the age of 25 and wrinkles not being my main concern, this product has helped reduce some of the hyper-pigmentation at the back of my cheekbones. I scar so easily and having a product like this helps me feel more secure and confident in knowing that I can treat it naturally, one day at a time. 

Of course the prevention of wrinkles is an added bonus and I am a little bit obsessed with this oil. I usually apply 2-4 drops onto my fingers and tap the product over and around the areas of pigmentation and redness because of it's wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. 
It does irritate my more sensitive areas, around my nose and centre of forehead, due to eczema and so I keep it only for my scarring on my cheeks and jawline. It has the perfect balance of hydration and the scent is out of this world. It smells like Turkish delights and is a wonderful product to use just before bed. 

The additive of Argan oil and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, as well as Vitamin E and fatty acids are truly what makes this product so special. I truly have noticed a difference with just one months use and like to think It will keep on making more and more improvements with the texture of my skin, as well as the pigmentation issues. I will definitely be using the rest of this product with the anticipation of purchasing it again.

Overall the quality of Holos skincare is just outstanding is something I have really enjoyed having in my skincare routine. I will continue to use these beautiful products because I really feel that they make all the difference. However, I think on next purchase I will pick up their more heavy duty moisturiser, which is the Good Night rich night cream as I much prefer something thicker, even for daytime use.

I highly recommend you give these products a try and if not then definitely have a look at their website to see what products are available to suit your particular needs. Remember that none of Holos skincare contains Parabens, Alcohol, gluten or SLS and only the best of ingredients to really look after your skin. I feel that they are an Irish brand that have earned my trust and I know I'm only using the highest quality products and ingredients on my face. It's the one place you really should  take care of as well as your neck and chest and I feel that I can with these beautiful products.

I really hope you  enjoyed reading today's post. Please let me know if you've tried any of these products or what you would like to in the comments below. Feel free to ask me any questions at all and I will be happy to answer them for you. Have a wonderful day!


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