As I'm sure all of you know by now I am a huge fan of natural skincare products, I just prefer a lot of my everyday skincare to not have any nasty chemicals within them. 

I have very dry skin and my under eyes always seem to look a little on the dry side when I'm wearing makeup, no matter the brand I use. I knew I needed something to use to not only help with the moisture levels but also help prevent any fine lines from appearing and reduce that crepiness I can see with concealer. Zuzka eye zone intensive repair balm has been just amazing at covering all of my main concerns and treating them with gentle care. 

It feels just like a silky skin cleansing balm and smells just like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, with a punch of menthol and soothing herbs, to which I absolutely love. It's not too strong and I find it quite a soothing scent to smell just before bed. I apply the smallest amount every single night before I sleep and when I wake up my under eyes feel completely smooth and concealer glides on without a problem. In fact, it's so good that I can powder my concealer into place and it doesn't enhance any crepe skin. 

I have been using it consistently for about a month now and I have noticed such a difference. It's a beautiful product with gorgeous ingredients such as jojoba oil, horsechestnut and apricot. There are no parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances, just a lot of good, nourishing ones in their place. It's perfect for sensitive eyes like mine and doesn't give any little white bumps of milia around the eye area either.

It's got the right balance of hydration and I love the soothing balm texture and even though its summer I can still use it, though there is no doubt in mind that I will love this during the harsh winter time.

I absolutely recommend it if you have dry skin, adore natural skin care and perhaps see those little fine lines starting to appear as I do. It really helps and it does exactly what it promises to do. I just hope I don't get a lot of wrinkles when I'm older because I'm using this now to prevent them. I am now in my mid-twenties and I think that's a great time to start taking care of the most delicate part of the face. 

It is definitely more on the pricey side and at £24-99 per 20ml, it's a bit steep, however, it will last you a very long time because you only need the tiniest amount. I've seen and felt a real difference with using this product but would love to find perhaps a more affordable version. 

It's such a fabulous product and completely different to anything I've tried before and I haven't stopped using it as part of my everyday skincare routine. If you know of any product similar to this one and that is more affordable please let me know as I would be happy to review it here on my blog, as well as use. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and I wish you all a great week!

*PR Sample


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