I absolutely love summer and with all this beautiful weather we've been having it got me to thinking about the products that I rely on to take me through the season and today I'd like to share those things with you all!

Most of the products I use are very affordable and I rely on them so heavily to do their job well and can safely say that they do. I have a good mix of makeup, tan and other beautifying products that I would absolutely recommend to everyone and I just could not be without during this time of year. Obviously it goes without saying that a good SPF is an absolute essential, though I haven't listed any particular below but just know that I am all about sun safety, as well as the more image conscious products. I have also added the links to where you can purchase these products to make thing easier, within each topic.
Dry Shampoo

Where would I be without dry shampoo during any season of the year? I hate to think about it. This fabulous product comes in so many different scents, styles and brands. I have always used Batiste because my hair gets greasy, quite quickly and this seems to be the only dry shampoo that can soak up that extra oil and give me a day without washing. This year I'll be using the 'Heavenly Volume' to help create texture for my messy up do's and beach waves, it smells fabulous and really does the job well. It's not too heavy and allows you to boost your roots without clumping it together in knots!

Aloe Vera Gel

I just love having a huge tube of Aloe Vera gel during the summer as it saves my skin, treats any sunburn I get and helps sooth and irritation from prickly heat, which I tend to get on my arms a lot during the warmer months. Its lightweight texture means it's great to use just before bed to nourish my skin and doesn't leave a strong lingering fragrance. It's a fabulous product and I just won't be without it.

Gradual Tan

For me there is nothing better in the summer than when you pick up a natural tan from the gorgeous sunshine. I tan very easily and always have, I can remember going back to school each year and people asking where I had been on my holidays and always telling them, the garden. Unfortunately this is the UK were talking about and is not the most reliable weather system for a tan - this is where a gradual tan comes in handy. I might get a few days of good weather and end up with quite an uneven tan, a white neck, backs of arms, legs and lower back and I like to even everything out with one of my beloved tanning products. I have used Dove Summer glow for the past 5 years and it's never failed me, though this year I have a few more natural ones to use up and so I'm spoilt for choice. You wouldn't catch me dead without a gradual tan during summer it just wouldn't be the same and I crave that natural glow particularly during these months. If you're on a tight budget I absolutely swear by Dove Summer glow in the med/dark shade! 

Dry Body Brush

A fabulous tool to have year round but more so during the hot weather. As you all know I have very dry skin and I've been dry body brushing for a few years now and it keeps my skin soft and smooth. It feels harsh at first but you do get used to the sensation and you start to reap the benefits almost immediately. It's great for not only your skin but also you health, I highly recommend using a dry body brush at least once a week and just before you hope in the shower to rinse away those dead skin cells. An absolute must-have for any fake tan lovers out there too!

New Wilkinson Sword Razor

I'm a huge fan of the Wilkinson razor brand, whether the ladies or the men's, I find them all to be excellent at hair removal. I used to wax all the time but hate having to wait in between sessions and this year I will be using the amazing Wilkinson Sword Hydro silk  that has 5 blades for a clean, smooth shave instead. It's excellent for use on the legs in particular as you don't need any shaving gel because of the little beads of serum attached to the razor head itself. It removes hair in no time and I love how much skin it covers in just one stroke. A new razor is a summer essential for sure, right?
Reliable Deodorant

This summer I have decided to try the infamous Mitchum brand as I've heard endless great reviews about its longevity and reliability in hot weather conditions. I recently picked up the Mitchum Pure Fresh deodorant stick so that I don't have to wait for it to dry, I can put on my top or dress immediately and head out the door without worrying about deodorant stains or marks. It smells absolutely amazing and I really love it, I'm totally converted to this brand. I would recommend it for someone like me, who doesn't really sweat a lot but would like that extra security during the hot weather or during a vacation. It's amazing!

Tinted Moisturiser with SPF

Year after year I have reached for the Garnier BB cream for the summer time, which you can read about here. However, this year I have found something better and less greasy to use but still gives my skin a real glow - that being the 'Garnier Miracle Face cream' for dry skin. Whilst it appears to be a regular moisturiser it has tiny little, salt grain sized beads, which break when massaged into the skin, giving this gorgeous glow whilst adding a hint of coverage. I was gutted when Garnier reformulated their BB creams because it totally changed the product but when my sister told me about this, she knew I would love and I just had to pick up a tube and I'm so glad I did. A tinted moisturiser is the perfect option for those really beautiful days when you just don't want to plaster your face in makeup. An Amazing must-have product for sure!

Fresh Scented Lightweight Lotion

I detest a heavy moisturiser in hot weather and hate that lasting tackiness that you can just feel sitting on your skin. Every year, through each season, I change the type of moisturiser I use and usually pick up a much lighter and fresher smelling lotion to keep my dry skin nourished and make any tan I gain, last. A fresh scent is just an added bonus and is great to use after a cool shower, just before bed after a long day in the hot sun. Over the past 3 years I have reached for the Nivea pure and natural body milk, which smells absolutely divine and doesn't contain any parabens or silicones but gives skin the right amount of nourishment that it needs, to keep skin from feeling tight or dry. It's such a reliable and affordable skincare product and is great to use after just shaving for ultra smooth legs without clogging your pores.

I believe I've covered everything I wanted to for my summer essentials and I would absolutely love to know what yours are! Tell me your top 5 in the comments below or catch me on twitter instead.

I really hope you liked this post and perhaps found it helpful. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we actually have a great summer this year and that the weather will be just beautiful! I wish you all a fabulous summer 2015!


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