Magnitone Limited Edition Pixie Lott Lucid £69-99

Several weeks ago I had won an amazing competition with my showcase on twitter for this limited edition, Pixie Lott Magnitone lucid, skin cleansing device. I was absolutely thrilled and could not wait to review it for you all to see what my experience was like and what changes, if any it had made to my troublesome skin.

Skin Background and Magnitone Information

I suffer with rather dry skin, pigmentation marks, spots and enlarged pores around my nose area, so I was hoping that this would make quite a few changes to not only how I looked but also how I felt about it as well.

The Magnitone Lucid is a skin cleansing device that uses a brush head, that pulses and buffs the skin on your face and neck to remove dead skin cells and help clear up acne prone skin. It's an electronic device that you charge every few weeks with it's magnetic charger and is said to last you 2 weeks. However, it was a little over a month before I even needed to charge mine and I thought that was just fantastic

There are several different brush heads that you can purchase, depending all on your skintype and what you prefer. Mines came with the acti clean brush head and I really like it, however, you can get a sensitive head if you need to.

It comes with 2 settings which you activate at the click of a button. The first click sets it to a more exfoliating cleanse and the second is for sensitivity, which I personally love. Either way, it feels like you are massaging your skin and it's really getting to work. It's also completely waterproof so you can take it into the shower or bath with you.

My Routine, Results and Thoughts

Now that you know what it is and does, I would like to share my experience, thoughts and results after almost 2 months of consistent use.

I stuck with the sensitive setting for about 3 weeks before even trying the more exfoliating cleanse as I wanted to ease my skin into the whole new process. It is recommended by the team at Magnitone that you do it for the first 7 days and I can see why.

My skin went quite crazy for the first 2.5 weeks and I had some seriously painful spots and what I would call, one of the worst breakouts I've had in a very long time. I had huge cyst like spots come to the surface, white heads around my nose but my dry skin got much smoother. I loved removing my makeup with it because it felt less painful and more gentle on my acne than it normally would with using a muslin cloth.

I consistently used my magnitone once a day for the full minute and after 3 weeks my skin was clearing up a lot. Now it didn't stop breakouts, it reduced the amount I would normally get and it also cleared them away much quicker and without leaving a purple pigmentation mark. 
As I said when it comes to having acne and makeup, removal can be quite sore and bruising has occurred before but I didn't seem to have that problem anymore.

I really enjoy using the Magnitone Lucid and it feels so relaxing to use at the end of the day. I just love closing my eyes and listening for the little alarm to sound to start moving on from my forehead, to cheeks and chin. Once the full minute is up it beeps twice and I know then that I'm finished. Some days I will put it on for another few seconds and buff around my neck and decollete to keep those areas soft and smooth too.

I use Almond oil to help soften my skin and it works beautifully with this device. Then afterwards I will use a regular cleanser to remove the residue and my skin has never felt better. It also really helps to break down and remove waterproof makeup.

Once I started using the first setting, my skin broke out again and I've realised that by switching between the two settings I can bring breakouts to the surface and clear them away quicker with the sensitive cleanse.

As for the actual texture of my skin it's still pretty bumpy and you can see it's still uneven but I'm hoping that after a few more months of use, it will start to smooth out. Magntione guarantee clearer skin after just 7 days but I didn't personally find that to be true. It took 3 full weeks before I seen clearer, more radiant skin and breakouts starting to recede.

To really put this to the test I stopped using it for just two days and only two because my skin did in fact get quite bad. I wanted to see how my skin would react without it and I can honestly say that it did make a difference. I had lots of white heads and bumps and redness started to reappear across my cheeks and chin. Thankfully after just a few days of using it again, my skin looked a lot better. I still had spots but I just looked a lot better than I did without it in my cleansing routine.

Overall thoughts and Plans

Do I think it's worth the money? Well, I'm still not sure if I can say you 100% need this. I personally have loved having it and using it every day and I have seen a rather good result. However, if you are on a tight budget, it's not something you would think to spend money on. I feel that those who love skincare and have troublesome skin will appreciate the difference this can make to your cleansing routine and breakouts. I personally would pay the money for this now I know how well it works for me but had I not won it in the competition I don't think I would've went out of my way to get one.

I guess it all depends on your finances and how much you like to look after your skin and what you would want to pay for a cleansing device. But I would recommend this device and can say that it's a fantastic product to have. It's not a gimmick in my opinion and I really like having it around.

I absolutely love having this as part of my every day skincare routine. I can see and feel a visible difference and I believe I will continue to keep it in my daily routine.

I will be doing several posts about my experience over the coming months to keep you updated on anymore changes. I didn't think at the time to take snaps of my skin beforehand, during and after one months use but will try to do that for you in the future.

I really hope this review helps and a little side note, I wasn't paid or sponsored to make this post. I was just lucky enough to win it in an amazing competition. 

A massive thank you to the ever so friendly and lovely team at MyShowcase for picking me to win their competition and for getting me a Pixie Lott autograph with it! I absolutely loved the whole package and I'm so happy to have my own Magnitone.


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