I use fake tan quite often as I prefer to not sit in the sun for hours on end, especially during the summertime as I want to keep my skin as healthy as I can, for as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, when I was younger I would spend hours out in the garden but my parents always reinforced the safety of using an SPF.

On the other hand, you do need to get your essential Vitamin D from sunlight as it is just important but all within moderation. Look after your skin and find a decent sunscreen and try to keep it 30 or higher. Spend no more than 20 minutes in direct sunlight and avoid the hottest peak of the day which is usually between 10am - 4pm.

Why damage your precious skin when you can fake a gorgeous glow with a product as simple as this? Or any fake tan for that matter. Gradual 10 has a very obvious and exciting 10 claims to nourish your skin, whilst adding a beautiful and subtle glow to your body.
  1. Moisturise 
  2. Nourish 
  3. Protect 
  4. Soften 
  5. Soothe 
  6. Smooth
  7. Improve skin
  8. Delay the effects of ageing
  9. Even out skin tones
  10. Gradually build up a totally natural-looking streak-free tan.
Although we can't prove the anti-ageing claims right away, or the skin improvement theory, what we can put to the test is the actual texture, scent, colour and longevity. Of course I put this to the test over the week to see how I would get on and of course, see how it would fade and more particularly so on drier skin types.

I am used to gradual tanners and without any help of a guide colour, so in terms of application I didn't have a problem. I love a gradual tan as I find these to give my skin the most natural looking glow and I can build upon the first layer should I desire to go darker. These are more of a fuss-free tan and I don't usually need to work as hard to keep it looking even and natural. I also always apply these types of tans with my bare hands and I find I get the best results each time by doing this.

Of course some people ask me how I tan the back of my hands to get an even blend and match my body. My secret little tip is to thoroughly wash hands after applying to the rest of the body and then dispense a pea sized amount to the back of one hand, using the other to blend in well. Take your time and make sure you get between your fingers and around your wrists. I absolutely love this little trick and it works every time, without a single streak in sight.

Fame's gradual 10 feels very lightweight, softening and I've become quite fond of the product. I recommend taking a few extra seconds to ensure it's completely blended because it has a milky texture that lags a little and needs an extra massage or two. You should do this with all gradual tans anyway but since there is no alcohol to dry out the skin, this will help ensure there are no streaks to be found later on.

I love that it is a natural, organic tan and is formulated without any parabens, SLS or alcohol. In fact, the DHA (dehydroxyacetone - tanning agent) is also certified organic to really give you that natural experience. You know I always at the very least, try to find decent tans without the extra nasties in it and I believe more and more brands are catching on to the idea. It's just as important to choose a safe tan as it is an SPF.

Gradual 10 did not feel greasy and dried in well, leaving my skin feeling super soft but not too tacky or uncomfortable. I believe this was down to the gorgeous ingredients such as, Aloe Vera, Rosehip oil, Sweet Almond oil and Cocoa Butter. The application was very quick and easy and there was no pong of that infamous fake tan scent to be found. I know a lot of you hate the fake tan scent and I can't say that there is absolutely no scent to be found. Overtime, there is indeed a whiff of it after just a few hours but isn't overbearing. However, after having slept with it on overnight I found the scent faded a lot and there was only the slightest hint of fake tan smell the following day. I was very impressed because you can end up with a room smelling quite awful with fake tan but not with FAME's gradual 10 tan.

It gave me a light tan, very natural, barely there and I absolutely love it. I think that it would make an awesome product during the summer to prolong or to add to any natural colour you get from the sun. It's not orange but a very pale brown that just perks up your skin and gives it a light glow. It's a lot lighter that what I had anticipated but I genuinely like it and think it fits into the natural category perfectly. If you much prefer a darker tan, then this is not the product for you.

I particularly loved how nourished and hydrated my skin felt the following morning and my dry skin totally appreciated it. You can totally build upon the first layer for a darker glow as I did and I felt that two layers was more than enough for that natural glow I craved. One layer will perhaps be too light for a lot of people and I would recommend you try two. It's still very natural looking and I love that it's fuss-free.

Over the course of the week it faded beautifully and I didn't have to do a lot of work to keep it even. A simple scrub in the shower with exfoliating gloves kept it even and helped remove whatever was leftover. 

Overall I really believe in the FAME ethos and love what they're currently doing, as well as this tan. It is more on the pricey side, I'm not going to lie but this bottle will last me ages and it's got so many things that I like about it. Trust me I wouldn't say if it wasn't a good product but it really is. It's more on the expensive side of things for sure but it is more affordable than a lot of other natural tan brands out there. It all depends on the quality of ingredients and I truly believe that this is a high quality tanning product that people will love.

I am very excited to be part of such an important campaign and is truly something I believe in and want everyone to understand. There are alternatives to spending hours by the beach to get your holiday glow and you don't need to risk skin cancer to have it either.

I really hope this review helps and perhaps inspires you to change up your usual SPF or even just your regular fake tan and take into consideration the ingredients within the products you use. Keep yourself safe and bronzed and try the more natural approach, especially if you have a few pounds extra to spare.

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