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Everybody seems to want super white teeth these days and with handy little products like this, it makes everything much easier. There's no need to book an appointment, hand out half your months rent and sit with a huge machine attached to your mouth for an hour, nope, you can cut the middle man out and do it yourself, at home.

Over the past few weeks I have been trialling the Doll white teeth strips to see how well they worked on my slightly cream coloured gnashers. Now I would be totally lying if I didn't mention that I had already been testing whitening strips from another brand not too long ago and whilst they whitened my teeth a little bit, they weren't that great and my teeth lost the brightness they had gained, quite quickly. However, I have taken pictures and documented the results as best I could so that you can see the change for yourself.

Doll White teeth whitening strips were pretty easy to use and I didn't have too much sensitivity throughout the two week process. If you're new to the whole idea, you simply apply the strips to the top and bottom of your teeth and leave the gel to do it's work for just 30 minutes, each time you use them. You do salivate quite a lot and a few trips to the sink will become the new chore, simply so that you can spit away any residue gel, or the now large amounts of drool gathered in your mouth. You definitely don't want to swallow any of the chemicals within the product if you can help it. It's not an easy process to get through but after the first few days, your mouth becomes accustomed to the idea and you don't choke, or need to spit as often as you did in the beginning.

What I liked about these strips in particular was that they are thinner and the gel was easier to remove than a few other brands I've tried. There wasn't any horrible taste in my mouth during or after use and by simply brushing my teeth twice thoroughly, I had removed all of the gel successfully. Whereas with other brands the strips tasted rather horrible and I had to literally scoop off the gel with my fingers before I could even think about brushing them.

After the first 4 or 5 days I could really start to see a difference and little white marks began appearing on my teeth. My incisors took the longest to whiten and my teeth started to brighten up quite unevenly. Some stayed cream whilst others went whiter and I did find that a bit annoying. However, I did find that the strips removed any tea stains quite quickly and I actually really liked them. I'm not a fan of the whole Hollywood white glowing teeth look but I do like to have my teeth white-er and brighter because it just looks a whole lot better and your confidence definitely grows. These strips will not give you the Ross Geller look but will definitely remove stains and brighten your smile to a certain degree.

My only thing that I personally am not so fond of with Doll White, is that they don't list any of the ingredients used within the strips, as do many other teeth whitening brands. It just makes me feel slightly uneasy about what I'm attaching to my teeth each time I use them. I wonder exactly what is going into my bloodstream and if it's safe. However, I do know that they are peroxide free and that makes everything less sensitive and dangerous in itself.

Overall, I totally recommend these doll white strips and can say that they are by far my favourites from what I've tried. They are easy to use and definitely do the job. These would be fantastic to use before a wedding, prom, driver license or passport pictures, as well as going on holiday, so you can have a brighter smile and any photographs or selfies will definitely stand out. So if you are someone who wants whiter, brighter teeth, I say pick up a pack of these and see the difference for yourself.

I have taken pictures so you could see the changes throughout the two week period but please be aware that it's extremely difficult to try and photograph the actual colour of teeth due to the lighting changes but I did my best and you will be able to the difference that they made. I hope you can see by the end, the colour of my teeth has evened out more and they weren't entirely different shades as they were in the beginning. It did take the full two weeks for me to see a big difference but friends and family said after the first few days they couldn't believe how bright my teeth were. I am so pleased with my results and would definitely like to have more in my beauty stash to maintain the whiteness. As I said, they will not give you Hollywood whites or remove everything but will remove a lot of staining and take away some of that creamy colour that we naturally have to our teeth.

I really hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful; I totally recommend Doll White as your first port of call for whitening your teeth at home and would use them again myself. I hope you like the pictures below, I made them as big as I could so you could really see the results!


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