Almond oil is very nurturing for your hair, skin and nails and contains vitamins such as, A, B and E. It's also a good source of protein and isn't too heavy an oil to use. It's actually quite lightweight and absorbs really well. Unlike olive oil it doesn't leave a sticky residue and feels a lot more comfortable to use in my experience. It's also an amazing anti-oxidant and can be used to bake, fry and cook foods in. So it can treat a lot of internal issues you may have as well as externally.

Over the past several weeks I have used Almond Oil as an alternative treatment for several ailments, as well as for beautifying and nourishment. During this time I discovered the amazing effects it can have on your body and the changes I have seen are a vast improvement from what they were. I've only found six ways to use sweet almond oil but I'm sure there a far more ways to be discovered yet.

Removing Make-up | I have extremely dry skin and removing makeup is something I never enjoy because it takes a lot of work. This is an excellent oil to use to remove all of your makeup and dissolves it with complete ease. I much prefer it to any Micellar water and feel that it breaks down water resistant cosmetics much better. I tend to remove the surface of my makeup with regular baby wipes and then pour a few drops into the palms of my hands and begin massaging it into my face and neck. I then use my Magnitone to scrub away the excess and it removes every last drop, even patches you thought were clear. Its not heavy, or greasy for that matter but has made vast improvements in the softness of my skin overall. I highly recommend you try it and see your skin glow!

Scalp Treatment | With lots of us using harsh shampoos, heat tools and of course the ever so handy, dry-shampoo, our scalp health is usually left a little poor and it causes a lot of issues. I personally have always had little dry patches in and around my hairline for absolute years but after just two applications of Almond oil, it's really settled down! You have to keep up with it of course and stop using mousse, texture sprays and other styling products during treatment for best results. You can apply it warm or just straight from the bottle and either way, it works tremendously well. I've heard it works like a charm on dandruff too.

Dry Cuticles | I paint my nails all the time but neglect hydrating my cuticles. I'm very good at trimming and pushing back but not so much with looking after them. I've started applying a few drops, twice a week and massaging it in just before I nod of to sleep at bed time and it's really helping. Forget handing out a fortune for a branded cuticle oil, just try this method and let me know how you get on. It should start to help with those awful hangnails and keep your nails in good health with all of those vitamins and proteins. I'm still working on my hangnails but it's not an overnight miracle worker.

Eyelash Serum | I would be totally lying if I wasn't honest in saying I've almost lost my sight a few times doing this treatment and I had blurry eyes for hours on end. But if you dip a cotton bud into the oil and run it along your lash-line- not your eyeballs like I did, you will find your lashes getting softer and hopefully stronger. Now I personally can't say that it's made a difference to the length and thickness of my lashes just yet because I haven't been doing it as often as I should be. I've been applying it without routine but should be using it more. I feel much better about curling my lashes all the time since I've started using this little trick and I'm hoping to strengthen them over time.

Massaging Moisturiser | This goes without saying really but it makes a beautiful moisturiser and is excellent for massage. As I've gotten older I've realised that buying body lotions only gives the illusion of softer skin with its silicones and waxes but to really take care of your skin you need oils and Almond oil has been a favourite. It makes skin glow, honestly! It's much better than any body lotion I've tried. My face loves it when I mix a drop or two into my regular moisturiser and my neck has never felt so smooth. It's treated little eczema patches on both my neck and lower back like nothing else. Almond oil is the Boss!

Fake Tan Removal | I've been lucky enough to have been sent several fake tans by lots of lovely brands of late but it's made the fading process quite tricky. I've had to remove the remaining tan quite quickly so I can move on to the next one for review and my dry skin loves to hold on to it. Using this oil as an overnight treatment has worked extremely well. I douse myself in it before bed and exfoliate in the shower the following morning and it's absolutely amazing! Sometimes It takes a little longer, depending on the depth of tan but most of the time I only need to do this once. Oils are renowned for breaking down fake tans and that's why it's always recommend you use an oil free moisturiser through the duration of your tan.

You see, isn't Almond oil just wonderful? I highly suggest you pick up a bottle and get using it. I keep a little carrier bottle of it in the bathroom and at my beside table, which you can pick up for a few pence from your local pharmacy. I find this much easier than logging the big glass bottle of it around the place. It's also handy because they have little droppers which means you can measure drops and apply it to your cuticles, scalp and even toenails much easier.

When it comes to purchasing Almond oil try and find cold pressed and make sure it's sweet, do NOT purchase the bitter as it's extremely toxic to your system. Look out for great deals and ask the staff to help you choose the right one for you.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I had typing it all up. I absolutely love sweet almond oil and totally recommend it.

I hope to hear some good feedback from you all, telling me just how wonderful sweet Almond oil is and how awesome the experience has been. Come back in a few weeks time and tell me you're a complete convert. I mean it. I'll be waiting!


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