If you love Romance, wit and a good story line, you will absolutely love reading Mhairi McFarlane's latest novel.

It's a storyline based around main character Delia's life and had me laughing out loud more than I expected to. A geordie girl taking more risks than ever before, we are introduced to her crazy adventures, family life, bosses as well as old and new friendships.

You don't find out what will happen right up until the last few pages and it kept me reading on and on. I had it finished within 4 days, it was that good I couldn't put it down. I found it interesting, funny, exciting and a little bit sad at times. You could totally bond with Delia's character and understand why she does the things she does. Although, Mhairi had me getting a bit upset with some of the decisions Delia has made, which she totally makes up for in the end and it's absolutely fantastic. You seem to constantly root for Delia and want nothing but the best for her.

Her character reminds me a little of Bridget Jones and those who are also a fan of those diary books should also give this one a read. I promise a brilliant read and one that you will want to have packed in your travel bag for your holiday reading sessions by the pool.

I absolutely loved it and plan to pick up the other two books that Mhairi has written because I reckon those will be cracking too. 

I hope you enjoyed this little review! Feel free to ask me any questions or let me know what you've been currently reading and enjoying!

Pick up yourself a copy Now! Mhairi McFarlane 'It's Not Me It's You' £3-85


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