Madame La La Tan, glowing skin in a bottle. A new American-Brit brand designing beautiful products to give your skin that coveted, bronzed LA glow. A mix of beautiful skincare and tanning agents to nurture your skin, this was very exciting and I was more than thrilled to be reviewing this for you all, as well as myself.

The tan does not contain any parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol or talc. But contains beautiful ingredients such as green tea, Aloe Vera, coco water and vitamin B5, as well as E. The quality of the ingredients list already had me falling in love and I could not wait to tan my skin with it.  It's very rare you find a fake tan that looks after your skin as well as giving it a holiday glow.

Application, Scent & Colour

Madame La La is a mousse tan by all means and it smooths over skin so beautifully. It is perfectly lightweight and the guide colour is a beautiful golden shade with just a hint of pink; to keep things looking real. We all love a guide colour to help us along with our tanning and this guide was exactly the same colour as the results.

I was completely amazed by the texture and how quick and easy it was to apply. It felt luxurious, expensive and I was really enjoying the Madame LA LA experience. I could not believe just how hydrated my skin felt, yet how quickly the tan set- allowing me to dress for bed in less than 5 minutes.

The scent is very light and smells of coconuts but doesn't drown your senses with that artificial fragrance you find in a lot of other tan brands. A few hours later and I could smell fake tan but with a covering of a light coconut to help reduce the biscuity scent. As I have said before on numerous occasions, fake tan scents do not bother me but this one wasn't strong and didn't choke me as I slept.

I had no streaks, patches or difficulties in working with it and it wasn't long before I realised that this was some seriously beautiful tan and so it should be for the price.

My skin was glowing and just with the guide colour in place. I could not wait to rinse it off in the shower the following morning to see my results. It's recommended that you leave it on for 10 hours although it develops within 3. Sleeping with it on overnight seemed the perfect solution and who doesn't love to wake up with a fresh and beautiful tan?


There actually was a glow to my skin and even without the addition of moisturiser. It was a medium-deep shade of golden brown and without a trace of orange to be seen. The tan looked gorgeous and my normally dry skin, felt nourished. My skin wasn't irritated and my face didn't break out either so it received top marks from me purely for this reason alone.

I never usually put a body tan onto my face but this is a do it all product and I couldn't resist once I had finished application to my body. My face  matched my body and I looked so healthy and I didn't end up with any blotchiness either. The amazing thing is that even though I use a Magnitone skin cleansing device, the tan held on for a good 4 days and faded very naturally and gradually.

Fast forwarding a few days and my tan look fabulous and was fading evenly and gradually as promised. I looked very healthy and as if I had been on holiday.  I guess the built in hydrator was doing it's work and I truly believe that dry skinned gals like myself will love the Madame La La tan.

Even with shaving as often as I like to do, my tan still held on and it was still even and without a patch of white to be seen. I couldn't believe that even after the sixth day I was a light golden, honey brown shade and I didn't have to do any work to it. It seemed to maintain itself quite well and It lasted just over 8 days before I needed to exfoliate and start removing the remaining tan.


I think this an absolutely beautiful product that is fool-proof. It really does live up to its claims and adds that LA glow to pasty pale skin. It brings warmth to the skin but doesn't look false in any way. 

I love the ingredients and that it has a built in hydrator because I believe this really helped the tan to fade evenly and you do not need to exfoliate dry skin throughout the process. I mistakenly did and I removed a patch or two on the inside of my arm. 

The price will be its downfall for a lot of people but as someone who is willing to pay up to £30 for a tan like this and has done in the past and with now knowing how beautiful the results are, I would be willing to spend a few extra pounds when it comes to repurchasing it in the future. It's expensive but it feels like it and the quality for me exceeds the price tag. It lives up to its claims and I can't find any other fault other than the price tag to be honest.

It's a fabulous tan and one that I will be wearing a lot over  the coming summer. I think you die hard fake tan lovers will adore it! I say pick up a bottle and test it for yourself if you can. You know I'm not afraid to say whether or not a tan is good- this one is excellent and I personally could not say enough good things about it. I do recommend it, I give it a huge thumbs up and I hope that you liked this tan review.
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