I much prefer a mousse because I find them easiest to work with, fast drying and they don't tend to rub of onto your clothes or bed sheets. They are fool-proof in my eyes and I have used them for years on end and I was very excited to have been sent this as part of a package for review from the fabulous team at

The very exciting and very different thing about this tan is that it comes with a big fluffy brush to apply to your hands, feet, face and other awkward areas. This allows you to get the perfectly even and seamless finish we would normally have with a natural tan. This meant it would eliminate the risk of streaks and patches and would help to tan between fingers and toes with complete ease. It would also be a fantastic tool to have for contouring your tummy, legs and arms.

This fake tan contains absolutely no parabens, or alcohol and is cruelty free, which you all know by now I really like when it comes to using sunless tanners. It's also aloe Vera gel based so that all of you sensitive skinned ladies like me can use it as well.

Application, Scent and Colour

I used my Barely cosmetics tan mitt to apply this fake tan all over the larger areas of my body so it wasn't so time consuming. I used the mitt on my legs, arms back and tummy and I found the tan very easy to manoeuvre and blend into my skin.

There is a guide colour to help you on your way and it has a slight olive tint to it, to prevent you from looking like an orange. 

I found the mousse very light and hydrating and there was only the slightest hint of a scent. It wasn't the typical coconut or vanilla scents found in most other tans, but I could smell a little bit of something, like vinegar. Now it wasn't overpowering or strong in anyway but I knew it was just because of the tanning agents. There is no other fragrances or added perfumes and I think those with sensitive noses will definitely appreciate this.

When it came to doing my ears, neck, hands and feet I used the brush it came with and it was so much fun. You disperse a small amount onto the centre of the brush and buff the product all around. It was extremely easy to work with and I think beginners will adore having this tool around. It really did get in between my toes and blended around my ankles and wrists perfectly. However, it shed like crazy and I had to wait for the tan to set before I could pick lots of hairs of my body. I loved the idea but perhaps I should have washed it first to remove any loose strands. The other thing was that I'm left handed and although I could buff the tan into my right hand perfectly, when it came to my left, it was a bit awkward and I don't normally have any problems with using a regular mitt.

I found the tan extremely easy to work with and it felt lovely and light on the skin, as well as moisturising. It did take a few extra minutes to completely set when I compare it to the likes of St Moriz. However, it reminds me of that exact feeling you get straight after having a spray tan. It feels like after having a St Tropez spray tan and I quite liked that about it. It wasn't going to dry out my skin anymore than what it already was and I really appreciated that.

The colour I found to be absolutely beautiful and darker than what I would typically call medium. It was much deeper than I anticipated but I really liked it and I couldn't smell any fake tan until the next morning when I woke.

It says to leave this tan on for 8 hours before showering, so I decided to apply it just before bed and sleep with it on overnight.

Results & Longevity

The following morning I woke to a very dark tan which rinsed of in the shower pretty much the same. It was very deep in colour and I could see little mistakes I had made around my wrist with using the brush, particularly with my left hand as I'd feared. For the most part everything was even and looked perfect in application, it was just my wrists and fingers that didn't look so even. 

The first two days after application my tan looked great and then it all went downhill after that. I have been self tanning for absolute years and I have learnt how to properly apply and maintain a tan but this tan just did not want to work with me at all. By the third day I started to see my legs dark in colour but looking very patchy and I could see whiter areas. My arms were the same and my stomach looked a mess. 

It took me more than 10 days to completely fade and remove all traces of the tan. This tan just did not agree with my skin at all and in truth is one of the worst tans I've tried. Friends were shocked by the results and I spent a week afterwards scrubbing and lathering on body butters to try and get it to fade even faster. I don't know what I'd do without my tanorganics exfoliating mitt and NSPA dry body brush, they were absolute lifesavers.

I decided not to take any pictures because it wasn't worth showing off. However, I did snap a picture on day one for my Instagram which you can see here. It truly looked amazing and I was very bronzed when I went out shopping that weekend, I looked as if I'd been abroad for 2 weeks or longer.

Overall Thoughts

I don't believe I would want to purchase Ambermist tan or perhaps recommend this particular one for you all to get your hands on. It's not often I come across or write about a bad fake tan but this one is just not great.

I love fake tans and I will continue to review lots more for you, as well as my own interests but it's an absolute shame that this went so bad. The colour was the best thing about it and it wasn't orange at all. It was so deep and looked absolutely gorgeous for the first two days, after that it just went horrid. It looked like I had scaly skin and my skin might be dry but not to that extent. I take good care of my skin and no matter what I did with this particular tan, it did not look good. You all know I raved about Sunkissed rapid tan recently and I didn't have any issues with that whatsoever.

Normally I would go ahead and recommend you try the tan anyway because I know if it's because of my skin type but I just can't bring myself to promote something that went so disastrously. I like to be honest with all of you and I just can't tell you to go and buy this tan.

The brush is a fabulous idea and I will be using it again with my other tans in future. I think if it doesn't keep shedding I'll make a post all about it and I'll let you know how I get on with it. 

I hope you all liked my honest review and I hope that it helps. I have a few exciting fake tan reviews coming up on the blog over the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for those! I can tell you the reviews will be much more positive than this one.

Should your heart still desire to try this, regardless of my thoughts you can purchase from the MakeupNailsTan website here.

*PR Sample


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