Sometimes shopping online can be dangerous but sometimes it's the best thing ever. You don't need to leave the house and all that you want is delivered straight to your door- fabulous!

I needed to pick up a few bits and pieces recently, regarding toiletries and I knew I wouldn't be able to physically go and get them and so a Superdrug order happened.
It's nothing terribly exciting but I am nosy and I love to see what other people are buying and so I thought I would return the favor and share my little haul.

The Wilkinson sword quattro razors were a particular favourite of mine years ago and I still love them but I normally reach for the mens instead. I was persuaded to pick up some more of them since these sparkle razors were just £3-85 reduced from £5-79. They're really good and I'm just as fond of them now as I was back a few years ago, they're just not easy for me to get hold off.

I also snapped up some Gilette Simply venus razors as I've never tried them before and my chum kept raving about them. You can never have enough razors in my opinion and I like to be hair free, year round. I don't know how some women can just not worry about it, but I really do! These were also on offer for £1-98 from £3-99

You can't forget some shaving foam either and to be honest I'm not fussed but I shave so often I think I need something other than my regular body wash. The Gillette satin care for dry skin was on offer for just £1-73 from £3-49. It smells lovely and I hope I don't just give up and actually use it all.

I needed more of my deodorant and it's the Sure Women diamond roll on, which was just 98p. Of course I stocked up on some on that.

Recently I've been getting into using oils to treat my skin and keep it hydrated and I wanted to try some almond oil next. I honestly didn't know that superdrug sold it but when you type 'oils' into the search bar it throws up all kinds of oils. This was just £1-50 for a 200ml bottle! I intend to use it on my scalp to help my hair grow healthy and on a dry, psoriasis patch I have. I've heard so many wonderful things about it, so there could be a blog post on its uses in the near future. I've also been using it to remove my makeup at night and it works a treat!

Last of all are 3 cream stick eyeshadows that I'm completely in love with! There will be a blogpost for sure on these in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out. I picked up the three shades that I really wanted and knew would flatter my baby blue eyes. Two of them are from NYC colour and the shades are 'Tribecca Taupe' and 'Wall street bronze' both were £1-99 from £3-49 in some sale I randomly came across. The other that I picked up was the Rimmel Kate stick shadow in 'Rose Gold'  for £4-49. The shades are stunning and really last throughout the day, I am very impressed and I just love the shades.

I almost forgot to say that I also got a free sample of Bare Foot's lavender and mint foot cream. But the card it's stuck too was also a voucher so that next time I'm in store. I can pick up a full sized bottle for just £3! How cool is that, it might be nice for summer and they have lots of different versions in their range to try. I have my eye on the foot balm, I think I would probably use that the most.

Well, that's it for today's blogpost, I hope you enjoyed having a little nosy seeing what I recently picked up. I actually only intended to pick up razors but you get free delivery when you spend over £10 so I couldn't resist having a snoop around to see what else I could snap up. There were a lot of great deals as always and I think that's why I love shopping at Superdrug.

What have you recently bought from superdrug and what were you supposed to get instead? Let me know in the comments or catch me on twitter, I'm always up for a chat!


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