Today's nail polish is another spring inspired shade in the most incredible shade of pale blue.

If I'm totally honest, it was also inspired by all this chatter about the new Cinderella film too. I wanted to be like Cinderella for the weekend and if you can't be her, then you might as well have the nails.

This is another beautiful shade from NYC Colour's quick drying range called 'Raindrop' It's one of those, bright, eye-catching shades, that stands out from the crowd and gives your nails a touch of personality. It's so pretty and daylight makes it so vibrant- so much so that I just want to keep staring at my nails.

I love these quick drying nail polishes because they save so much time and effort. Although I am quite the patient person, patience is not something everyone is blessed with and I can understand the need for speed. It completely set within 5 minutes and I was ready to do my tan in no time and without smudging.

Raindrop is one of those shades that will look amazing with a tan and it will really pop, as the saying goes. On the other hand, pale skin will have that perfect tinge of cool blue and will be a striking, springtime look. It would look very cute on short and square nails, never mind these claws I'm currently sporting.

Its spring appropriate, quick drying and so pretty, it really reminds me of Cinderella's beautiful ball gown, anyone else? You have to get this shade for your collection; it's a must-have.

This will look amazing on toenails too, peeping out of open toed sandals and booties throughout this season. I am obsessed and I think it's another fabulous shade to have from NYC. 


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