I love bronzers and highlighters and products that give me definition and add warmth to my skin. I absolutely love contouring, but being a natural makeup lover I don't like anything too crazy or harsh.

This contouring kit by Makeup revolution has been an absolute favourite for months and it was actually part of a birthday present last year. I love makeup revolution and they are always bringing out amazing products to try, they bring the higher end makeup copy, to a low end budget- for makeup lovers. 

As part of this fabulous set you get the giant 'Ultra Bronze' bronzer compact and the 'Ultra Sculpt and contour' kit and 3 of the makeup brushes. You get the powder brush, contour brush and miniature stipple to highlight your face with. The brushes are super soft and are all very easy to clean. One thing I will say is that after having them for over 5 months the joints of the handles are starting to loosen and I fear that they will snap in half soon.

The ultra Bronze compact is my most favourite product for contouring, although is for obvious bronzing, I much prefer the shade of this as it's got a slight ashy tone too it to keep things looking natural and not so in your face. Its super pigmented, so a light hand is needed when applying. It blends beautifully and I cannot believe how affordable, yet amazing the quality of this product is. It's fantastic and it's been an absolute favourite of mine for months. I think you can see from the snaps above just how much I love it and how often I use it. It's totally matte and looks absolutely amazing as a contour shade, I much prefer this to the one in the other palette.
I tend to use my little contouring brush and add definition to my nose, cheekbones and forehead when I want to add something extra to my overall makeup look. The brush blends everything easily and is just the right size and shape for the job. I highly recommend this little brush if not the bronzer too!

I really like the contour kit because it has the bronze shade, blush and highlight all in one compact, which just makes life a lot easier. It totally reminds me of my beloved sleek contour kit but is slightly different in terms of pigmentation. I find the blush to be the most pigmented product in the palette and then the bronzer after that. However, the highlighter is a bit too chalky and chunky to blend and can end up looking quite harsh when on the face. It is such a beautiful colour though; I just wish the texture was a lot better. The bronzer is a little bit orange and shimmery but the blush is the most gorgeous rose, peach-pink shade and it flatters my skin tone really well.
I tend to use my powder brush and stipple brush with this palette and I love how they work together. 

Overall I think it's a fabulous little kit to have and all contouring, highlighting, bronzing lovers like myself, will absolutely love this. It's so affordable too and won't break your bank account, so technically that means you could buy more products if you really wanted too.

I can't believe I haven't blogged about any of these amazing products after all this time I've had them. I really love these products and I use the Ultra bronze almost every time I do my makeup, it's just that good and reliable.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, or recommend products you think I would love, within the same category!

More Snaps and Swatches below!


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