Although I don't like to wear perfume all the time, I am loving this fragrance at the moment and it's a nice change from my usual choice.

It's quite a sweet and floral scent with a hint of warmth and musk, which I always like in my perfumes. I personally don't like that overload of sweetness or floral bouquet but with this I feel it's the perfect mix and is quite fresh for springtime too.

It has the warmth of vanilla and musk mixed with the sweetness of apple and melon as well as a floral note from iris and wisteria. It sounds and smells absolutely delicious and I've received quite a few compliments while wearing this.

The bottle is rose tinted and quite heavy duty, which makes it feel more expensive that what it is. It looks quite pretty on the old vanity unit too and I keep reaching for it. It smells really nice and is an eau de parfum, which means this fragrance lasts really well throughout the day. Although, I don't mind having to top up because I adore the scent, I would bathe myself in the scent if I could.

I would recommend this if you're looking for just an inexpensive perfume that you can wear throughout springtime or are just looking to try something new. It's rather lovely! Never snub a celebrity perfume!


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