Today we're saying goodbye to another month and beginning a new one.  Since some of us don't even have time to brush our hair in the mornings- let alone read a blogpost that goes on for a good 15 minutes, I decided to put together my favourite products for March in the quickest way possible. I will say a little bit about each thing but leave the links to the more in depth reviews where I can, for you to read at your leisure.

My top foundation for this Month has to be the Maybelline Dream flawless nude. It has such a thin consistency but gives ultimate coverage. It sits beautifully on the skin and even my dry skin loves it. The packaging is a bit fiddly for me but the quality of the product is just fantastic. Read more about it here.

I've also fallen back in love with Palmer's Cocoa butter this month. It's so luxuriously thick and hydrating and the smell is too yummy. It's paraben free and has been helping to keep me soft and smooth. It's quite heavy and some may not like it but if you love a good body butter, then this is one to try.

Makeup Revolution's Amazing lip glosses have been used a lot and each time I know I'm in a rush or not feeling the desire to line my lips, I pop one of these on. I have the shades Nude shimmer, natural pink and raspberry. The texture reminds me of a balm and some Clinique lip glosses I used years ago that I loved. They're only £1 and for that you could have the entire collection. They're great little products and I always keep one in my handbag.

I have been obsessed with using my new Sunkissed Rapid tan since I got it. It gives the most beautiful, honey brown, holiday glow, to the skin and smells delicious. It develops within just 1 hour and fades beautifully over the week. It's worth picking up a can while you're out on your next shopping trip, you won't regret it! Learn more about it here.

My Barely cosmetics makeup sponges have been my go-to makeup tool over the past few weeks. They blend makeup seamlessly and flawlessly and create a beautiful finish to your look. They feel so good on the skin, are easy to clean and they don't absorb all your makeup. The only beauty blenders I will ever purchase again, they are fantastic! Find out more here.

I've been painting my nails like crazy this month and these two shades from NYC have been my absolute favourites. Peach Popsicles and Hudson Breeze are both so bright and are perfect shades for spring. They are of such good quality and are ridiculously affordable as well. What's not to like? See more pictures of Peach Popsicles here and Hudson Breeze here.

The Maybelline colour tattoo leather effect eye shadow in Creamy beige has been my most reached for eye product. It's a gorgeous, warm beige colour, that flatters my baby blues and creates an instant Smokey eyed look. It set quite quickly and I can apply it with my fingers when I'm in a rush. I really love the colour because it's totally matte and I've been a huge fan of matte shades over the past few months. There will be a seperate post coming up soon with plenty of swatches.

Natural Collection's Barley eye shadow has been my favourite multi use product this month. It's the most beautiful gold shade with a mix of cool and warm shimmer. It looks amazing as a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. I have a blogpost coming up where you can see some swatches, but it's gorgeous!

I can't forget my little sparkle mesh bracelets from Buckley London. I've worn these nonstop and I think they are so trendy and pretty. I was so lucky to be gifted these from the company themselves but would purchase these for myself because I really like them and wear them with everything! See more snaps here.

That's all for this month and I really hope you liked this post. I guess it was the quickest way I could think of sharing my favourite products and fashion accessories. Feel free to share a few of yours in the comments below or catch me on twitter!


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