It's no secret how much I love self tanning; I've blogged about it often enough and I'm always looking for the next best product.

One thing I hate about self tanning is the wastage of product and how much I lose to my self tan mitt as well as the amount I rinse away in the shower afterwards. Have you ever noticed just how much tan soaks into your mitt? I've never been happy seeing that and always felt like I wasn't getting enough of the actual colour on to my skin; my beloved tans always felt wasted somehow. In some cases, I would have to layer up, just to try and get the actual colour the product describes.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you will please to know that Barely Cosmetics have designed a tan mitt with that cause in mind. It's called the 'Not your average tanning mitt' and I have to agree; it really isn't anything like the bog standard mitt's you see in your local beauty store, or pharmacy. This one is super thick, velvet and can be thrown into your washing machine after every use. How amazing is that?

I was so excited to try this because it was proven to absorb 49% less fake tan, when compared to the regular tan mitt. That meant that my tan would transfer and stain my skin instead of my mitt. I would be the actual colour I was supposed to and cleaning the mitt would be a lot easier.

The not your average tan mitt has a rather luxurious feel to it and is quite thick as well as double sided. It's like nothing I've tried before and I don't need to wear latex gloves underneath to prevent my palms from staining. No matter the texture of the tan product I was using, it did not seep through.

I decided to trial several different tan textures and brands with it, to see how the results would compare and I found it much easier to work with more liquid like tans, than creams. 
Since the mitt doesn't absorb anything, I discovered that cream textured tans were more difficult for me to work with, but liquid, watery tans, would blend better. You have to keep in mind that I have never used a velour style mitt before and it could be just my inexperience at fault.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with my results and I was much darker in colour than I had been before, with using my old mitt. I was a little streaked from using my cream mousse but not with my liquid mousse. If honest I struggled to buff in the tan with the first few applications but slowly got the hang of it and realised I was applying too much tanning product. You really don't need to use as much as you think you will and I had to half the amount of tan that I would normally use.

It's double sided so it means that you can buff in areas with a clean side and add more product where needed with the other. It was a whole new experience for me and it was really strange just throwing it into the washing machine after I used it but I loved the whole idea. It just made things fuss free and a lot easier than scrubbing it in the shower with some body wash.

It definitely made a huge difference when it came to my results. I just wish I was able to use it better but I'm new to the whole experience and I think that's where I struggled with using Barely's mitt. I found it most difficult when it came to my hands, ankles and feet because it isn't as flexible as what I'm used to. I also found the outer edges of the mitt to be a little bit on the sharp side and I scraped of my tan a few times. However, after having thrown it in the wash a couple of times I've found it more flexible and the edges not so sharp. I recommend you wash it before your first use, to get the best out of the tan mitt. You will find it much easier to work with and it will give you the best results.

Overall, I think it's a fantastic idea and tool that everyone should have or at least try. Those that love to fake tan on a regular basis should snap one up and see the difference for themselves. It really doesn't waste your tan and I'm so determined to not go back to my regular mitt and stick with this one. 

It's pretty obvious that I really need to practice because my technique is a rather inexperienced one and I definitely made mistakes. However, it pushed the tan into my skin and gave me amazing colour results each time. After finding a tool like this one, I don't think I want to go back to using regular tan mitts. Barely saves so much of my favourite products, as well as my money in the long-run.

But that's why I've grown quite fond of Barely cosmetics; they are all about giving back.

I want to thank the team at Barely as well as Nicole for their time and support. I want to thank you for allowing me to try your amazing products and I personally cannot wait to see what you will be designing for us all next. I really appreciate everything you've done and I love my Barely products. Thank you!

For more Information about Barely, visit the website here.

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