It's World Book Day!!!

Don't judge- just because I'm a girl - doesn't mean I can't enjoy military codeword's and gunfights.
I absolutely love it and I totally zone out- escaping to a world of action adventure that I can mentally be part of. This was my first taste of Tom Clancy Novels and I can honestly say that it has me hooked.

Jack Ryan is now president of the United States and the story revolves around an old mission that he was involved in; back in the days when he was a CIA analyst.

A new Russian President, an old KGB assassin and a plot to keep you on your toes. It's absolutely Jam packed with action, adventure and suspense. It kept me busy for a good few weeks and putting the book down was difficult.

I really enjoyed the storyline and the fact that there were several flashback stories running throughout the book that tied the strings together to complete the new mission. It builds and builds and has lots of twists and exciting parts.

Jack Ryan Jr is also part of this story with his new undercover life in London. He's now working as a finance and business analyst- taking a break from 'The campus'- a secret government intelligence group.
Now he finds himself investigating a rather big case for a client of Castor & Boyle Associates- which lands him smack in the middle of his father's past - as well as danger. Like his dad he's a good guy and he works hard to find out the truth about what happened over 30 years ago. But when he pushes his bosses buttons by digging too deep into the investigation, we soon learn just how deep the case goes- and exactly who Jack Jr happens to be offending- quickly coming to a head.

Gunfights, tanks, falling choppers, plots, explosions and plenty of drama- I highly recommend the read. It's absolutely fantastic and I plan to sink my teeth into plenty more of Mr Clancy's novels, as well as starting to build a collection for my bookshelf.

If you are a little bookworm like myself - feel free to contact me and share what your favourite books are using the hash tag #WorldBookDay on Both my Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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