I haven't done a makeup post in a while and I love chatting all about cosmetics and my favourite products to use. Today we're talking all about my, almost- everyday makeup routine. I say almost because I don't tend to wear makeup every, single, day of the week. But when I do decide to perk my face up and give it the help it needs- these products are my go to.

It's springtime which means my look has changed over the past few weeks and I am now craving that fresh, brightened appearance- rather than the matte one I was sporting throughout the colder months.
I naturally have quite troublesome skin so coverage is still important for me at this time of year- until summertime when my skin starts to clear up and I can get away with wearing a lightweight BB cream.

Although this look seems quite a lot for daytime it's still very fresh, youthful and gives me that 'I slept for 8 hours last night' look and 'I woke Up like this' face- that I crave to have naturally. Sadly I don't and I need all the help I can get and that's why I love my almost- everyday makeup routine.

Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser is my current favourite primer and it's quite the heavy duty one. It fills in my pores and smooths over spots and dry patches like a charm. I really like this and love to use it under my eyes before I apply any concealer- keeping things as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Rimmel 25hr Lasting finish foundation is a fantastic one for those with redness or active breakouts. It doesn't feel drying or tight and won't leave you with skin that looks like a dried up, old prune. The coverage is more on the medium side and is totally buildable. I like to start with as little as possible and add more to the areas I need extra coverage. It gives quite the flawless finish and lasts really well throughout the day.

Correct & Conceal
A corrector is an essential product in my makeup bag because of the lack of sleep I get. It brightens and covers most of the darkness around my eyes- giving the illusion that I had a full 8+ hours of sleep the night before. I am currently using Bobbi Brown's 'light bisque' but am desperately needing to replace this one as you can see from the picture above. I want to try more correctors this year and Bare Minerals Stroke Of light is on the list! I'm not overly fond of using my Rimmel wake me up concealer during the night time because it doesn't photograph very well. It usually looks as if I have applied glitter under my eyes and that's never a good thing. However, during the daytime I like this because it offers the right amount of coverage whilst adding to the brightness of the corrector. Not a bad team at all- for everyday wear.

 I don't like to be without powder because I hate the idea of my makeup transferring onto my clothes. I use a lot of hydrating foundations and I need the extra help to keep my makeup in place. Although, thankfully, my Rimmel doesn't seem to give me any trouble because it's long wearing- but I still like to set my concealer in place. This Powder is the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB and gives a wonderful finish to makeup. It's finely milled and doesn't age me by 20 years. I use the lightest shade of the range and I find that it's actually quite transparent -which I much prefer when it comes to powders.

I can't believe I'm actually skipping my bronzing/contouring efforts for this post because normally I'm all about it. But recently I've dropped it for my daily makeup routine and went with a brightening blush instead. However, I will be discussing my bronzing habits in a future post for my more chiseled, kardashian inspired look. This is my L'Oreal blush in the shade '120 Sandalwood Pink' from the Le blush range and I absolutely love it. The texture is very smooth and folks with uneven skin will totally appreciate this product. It's a warm pink with a hint of peach, to bring that freshness to the overall look. It has a little bit of a glow too so no highlight is needed. 

For those days when I'm in a major rush, I reach for my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I think I've had this almost a year now and I still love it. It's definitely one of the best palette's I've ever bought. I use the shade Naked 2 to quickly fill in my eyebrows and add some shading into my crease- for extra definition. I'll use the shade Venus as my brow and inner corner highlight- which is a soft, satin colour- that looks amazing in pictures and natural daylight. To finish off, I'll grab my Brow drama mascarby Maybelline and brush a thin layer throughout to keep my brows in place. The difference it makes is unreal.

Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara is my latest test subject and I think it's absolutely brilliant. I can't be without mascara at all because I have lashes that are stick straight and blonde at the ends- making my long lashes look much shorter than what they actually are. I love a defining and volumising mascara and this mascara does both of those things. It dries quickly and is uber black- giving my eyes a lot of definition and making my lashes look like falsies.

Remember when I said in a previous post that I had gone off lip glosses? Well, I'm back on it and I just recently added four shades to my makeup collection. Makeup Revolution's Amazing lipgloss 'Natural Pink' has been my absolute favourite product to use these past few weeks. Its a very pretty milkshake pink and flatters the colour of my blush whilst adding hydration to my lips. I have two other colours that I switch to every now and then, but this one is my absolute favourite at the moment. These glosses have a balm-like feel to them and are so handy to throw on before heading out the door. The pigmentation is actually quite decent considering these glosses are only £1 a pop!
I also love that they smell like sweets and lemonade- a totally new favourite lip product for sure.

I hope you enjoyed having a quick flick through to see what products I'm enjoying using on a daily basis. Notice that most are very affordable- that's because I have a huge love and appreciation for the high street brands out there and there are only a few products I really like to splurge on from time to time.
Feel free to share your everyday makeup routine down below or some of your absolute must-have products from the high street.

Have a Fabulous weekend! 


  1. I really want to give the baby skin a go because I just cant justify spending so much on porefessional even though everybody raves about it! Great post! x

    1. You should that's why I tried this one first, Porefessional is ridic priced! Thankyou! :)


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