I think you know by now just how obsessed I am with nail polish and how much I love adding new shades to my collection. Come to think of it, I really need a bigger nail polish rack with all these new purchases.

Today's nail colour is just outstanding. It's another shade from NYC colour and I just can't stop myself from sharing these new shades I've picked up. How gorgeous is this nail polish?

Hudson Breeze is a very bright, vibrant, electric blue and it shines beautifully without a topcoat. It really brings your nails to life, no matter what your skin colour is. I am absolutely stunned with this colour and I think you can agree just how perfect it is.

It's from the expert last range and although it didn't dry as quickly as the fast drying polishes I've been previously chatting about, it still dried within 10 minutes.

What I love about these nail polishes is that they are packed with ingredients like iron, calcium and vitamin B5 to help look after your nails while you sport this amazing colour. It's absolutely amazing and is one of those eye- catching shades you will want to wear on your next night out. Just imagine how amazing this colour will look with your LBD.

This is a full-on summer shade right here and I think I'm getting through the NYC colour nail polish range quite well. I know I've said it with the others but you really do need this one in your collection. It's a rich, glossy shade, which gave complete opacity with just 2 thin coats.

I absolutely love this shade and I've got a few people talking about it, as well as stealing it off me already. There's no doubt in my mind that people will be snapping this shade up as part of their bright spring/summer nail polish collection and you should too.


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