Maybelline dream flawless nude is the latest foundation from the brand and one that I think most people will love.

I have all sorts of skin issues but with carefully added new skincare treatments, it's clearing up and the only thing I have to deal with is my usual dry skin and acne marks- that seem to last a lifetime.

I picked up the lightest shade of the range, which was 10 Ivory. However I still found it to be quite dark and I don't believe the fairest ladies of the land will be able to use this without a little tan action going on. The colour is also quite pink and when compared to the likes of my Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation, I can see an immediate difference between the two. My skin tends to pick up even the slightest hint of pink in a foundation and although the picture doesn't quite show it, it can be seen in certain lighting. On the other hand it blends in quite well and doesn't look so pink once I add concealer and bronzer. I think because they are warm toned colours it really helps to take away any pink elements from the foundation.

The texture is absolutely beautiful. It feels so light and smooth and blends like an absolute dream. I've heard others say that dry skinned gals should avoid this foundation but I find it sits nicely after a good cleanse with my muslin cloth and a dose of hydration from my moisturiser. It looks absolutely flawless and I've had several compliments when wearing the foundation. It looks natural and creates a baby smooth, soft appearance to the skin and I love it.

I have two small complaints and it's about the scent, as well as the packaging the foundation comes in.

The scent is quite strong and chemical and some may be put off by this alone. However it tends to fade after a few seconds on the skin, where it is then completely undetectable.
As for the packaging, I'm personally not a fan of the whole glass bottle and dropper combination. It can be quite fiddly and spillages have happened. I personally would've preferred a pump or perhaps a pipette instead. I don't like having to find somewhere to set the bottle down before I can apply the foundation to my skin- but that's just me. I am so used to pumps now that anything else seems strange.

Leaving packaging aside, the actual product is amazing and I was really impressed with just the first use. It's lightweight, silky and easy to blend and the coverage is insane. Don't be fooled by the consistency, it covers redness extremely well and old acne marks; giving a fresh dewy look to the skin. It doesn't cover everything but it does a lot of work for what it is.

There is a soft glow that comes from wearing this foundation and I have taken a few snaps to show you what my skin is like without it and after a few thin layers; the difference is pretty amazing.

I like to apply one thin layer all over my face and then add a few extra dots to certain places where I need more coverage. It's buildable and does not crease or flake away and I use my Barely Cosmetics Soft definer sponge to blend it all in. Since I have dry skin I haven't tried using this foundation with a buffing brush, however, it blends nicely with a regular foundation brush too.

I am absolutely blown away by this new foundation from Maybelline and I haven't stopped using it since I got it. It lasts really well and I get a normal 7+ hours of wear without needing to touch up during the day. But please keep in mind just how dry my skin is and those who are oilier skinned gals may find that it works differently for them.

Those who don't like a heavy foundation but want the coverage should perhaps give this one a try. I think you might just like it. If you are a dry skinned gal like me, don't be put off; because this sits beautifully on the skin and adds a radiance, which I crave to have naturally. Ignore the packaging and put the scent aside because I genuinely think that it's a great foundation and one that I have become quite fond off- especially after all the compliments I've had.

Overall, I think it's a fantastic product and is great for everyday wear. It'll be reached for a lot over the summer months as well, when I don't particularly like to wear much makeup.
This foundation is one that I've constantly reached for since I got my hands on it and is currently replacing my Rimmel 25hr Lasting finish foundation in my makeup bag and even that shocked me.

Check out the pictures below and see the difference that a few dots of this foundation can make. No editing or filter required- I love this stuff!


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