If you are anything like me, or how I was before- then your Monday's are spent being thought about in such a negative way that it ruins the day before it's even begun.

Monday is probably the most feared day of the week because of the negativity surrounding it.
In fact, a recent survey revealed that every 4 out of 10 adults start to worry about Monday around 8 hours before the weekend has even ended.
People really dread Monday's and feelings of anxiety and negativity begin- even when it's still the weekend.

Of course it doesn't help when TV advertisements, social media as well as friends and family aid those feelings. #Mondayblues is an actual thing. Facebook, Instagram and television- as well as twitter seem to promote this vibe. I see it all the time and it can have such a profound effect on someone's life. Even on huge billboards and bus stops in public I see those huge words on posters splashed across my day and it's so negative and manipulative. Why would the world want to promote such negativity when there's plenty of that already?

Now I'm not here to condemn anyone who feels like this by any means. I don't know your life or your circumstances and I am nobody special. I just want to help inspire you to try to change your day to make it a more positive one. To stop you feeling like Monday is the worst day of the week- and a miserable 24 hours of existence.

My life is complicated and has never gone the way I needed it too. I struggle and I have moments of complete desperation and negativity that it knocks me off my feet. So please don't think I am this wonderful person with a wonderful life and everything is easy for me- and therefore can have a positive day - because it's actually quite the opposite of any of that.
The thing is, I am very stubborn and my determination for happiness drives me like a drug and that's part of why I want to share this advice. I want everyone to be happy and in particular stop being so miserable on a Monday- like I was.

As humans we develop routines and daily habits and that's not always a bad thing. But when it comes to the most dreaded day of the week, you need to break those routines and habits to help make your Monday a brilliant one.

Over the past few weeks I have decided to do something different during a Monday that I normally wouldn't do on any other given day. I would have to make a conscious effort to change up my routine and do something that made me happy. I took my Monday and I made it what I wanted it to be. No more listening to negative thoughts or agreeing with the 'Monday Blues' manipulation game. I had to drop the negativity surrounding the day- and that is a difficult thing to do as a regular human being.

But doing this has changed not only my thinking, but my day as well as my life. Such a small change and challenge - yet it's one that has made a huge difference to the rest of my week- as well as levels of happiness. I am less burdened, negative and defeated. I avoid those hashtags on my social media like the plague- as well as any other billboard or display- that's sole purpose is to drag me down and make me think of Monday as a day to be defeated and filled with despair.

Don't get me wrong, I still see the promotion of negativity everywhere, Monday blues this and Monday blues that. But Instead of agreeing- as I normally would have done, I get rather irritated and it gives me the drive to make it a better day and more than what anybody, seemingly- wants it to be.

Every week I do something different and nothing is ever the same. I never know what I'll be doing because I don't plan it, I like to let it happen organically. Some days I'll workout- others I rest and take it easy. Some I'll get up early- and others I allow myself extra time in bed. But no matter what I do, I do it to make me happy on a day with such negativity around it. I fight it all the way until bedtime and then just before I nod off, I think over my day and how great it was- giving me the peace I need to feel happy and sleep well.

You have to take control of your thinking and make your day better than it might feel.
When Monday comes along and you hit the alarm off to begin your day, start of by asking yourself what small change you can make to create an excitingly different day. What could you do to change the routine and kick the habit of doing the same old thing, week after week?

I don't care if all you change is the type of hot drink you have, the place you eat, your route to work or your workout- just make sure you do something.
Employed or unemployed you can make your Monday so much better than you think. Don't let your situation stop you from changing something up.

Your changes don't have to be dramatic and the world doesn't have to know about it either. Keep it off your social media and make it a moment for yourself. Decide to do 10 minutes of yoga or skip it- that one day. Skip the coffee, or make it the one day of the week where you have it. Just totally scrap the ideologies of how Monday's should go, recreate it and make it unique. I promise it works and you will reap the benefits. The rest of the week won't be so bad and your Monday will have been spent well.

Make your Monday's positive, think them positive and make them something that you look forwards to every single week. It doesn't have to be the worst day of the week if you don't want it to be.

So if you are tired of negativity, hearing about and living through the 'Monday blues' - start making that one small change. Variety really is the spice of life and applying that theory to that one day of the week will make all the difference.
Remember there's no need for dramatic changes or doing things that are just going to make your day disastrous. You know what will work for you and what you are able to do to change the day up. Do whatever you can and make that little bit of effort- even if you work all day, are a parent, student or are currently unemployed- there's always something that you can do.

Start small and don't let anybody make you feel bad for being positive and doing things differently. Don't let people's jealousy of your happiness put you off either, people will pick at you at times to just annoy you- but at least you're the one having a great day. Ignore them and don't let anybody make you feel bad for how you choose to spend your Monday. Let them watch you with judgement and wonder because without realising it you could be inspiring someone around you.

This is my personal advice and it's all from experience and not a professional qualification.
Changing how I choose to live my Monday's has made such a difference and it's made me so happy. I feel more driven throughout the rest of my week and I look forwards to the next one.

 I sincerely hope this post inspires someone out there who needs it and that it helps you to have many, wonderful, Monday's to come.


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