Put down the brushes and step away from the cosmetics because today I'm presenting Barely cosmetics prep and defining sponges. Sponges in which will help you achieve a natural, soft focus finish to your makeup, as well as saving you a fortune, by using a lot less product.

Barely Cosmetics have designed three specific types of sponges to give you the perfect makeup application and finish. But if you think that's it, you thought wrong. What I love about this company is that they have really gone out of their way to design a product that won't waste so much of your cosmetics. These sponges were tested in a lab and proved to absorb less than what the bog standard beauty blender does and I need that kind of sponge in my life.

The soft definer 'nude' is my personal favourite and it blends my cream and powder products to a natural finish, without any patchiness or absorbing all my cosmetics before they even touch my face. A gentle patting motion is all that is needed to achieve a well blended and flawless finish. It's absolutely amazing and those that love a beauty blender, should be switching to these sponges from Barely.

It seems small but when squeezed under a tap of warm water, it starts to swell and because of the shape I can get right into my hairline, around my nose and close to my ears.
It applies everything beautifully, evenly and quickly too, resulting in me being able to apply my makeup faster in the mornings and without catching my dry patches and flicking them up and off the skin. My skin actually looks like skin and my drier areas love this new process.

I use this sponge to apply my primer, foundation, concealer, corrector, powder, blush and highlight and without any issue. It did not apply anything patchy or remove product at all and I genuinely love this sponge because it's giving back and not wasting my products.

It feels so soft and is quite delicate whilst blending everything out. It feels very comfortable and makeup application doesn't require several brushes, that I just can't be bothered with in the mornings and especially when I'm in a major rush to get out the door.

What I love about Barely Cosmetics sponges is that they are lab tested and proven to absorb just 1% of my foundation and I can say that after washing them in between use, I could agree with that statement. Barely any product seems to need rinsed out and my sponges are clean.
The only thing I will say is that my waterproof finish foundation stained the sponge badly and I cannot remove it. After a few weeks of use it's looking a bit worse for wear but that's the usual with sponges.

The Hard definer 'black' gives the same finish but you can feel that the texture is slightly different to the soft. It is definitely harder but not so much that it feels uncomfortable on the skin. It feels chunkier and is great for blending edges and contouring.
If you're a big highlighting and contouring lover, you will totally appreciate having this sponge on hand. I absolutely love it and I've started using it in lots of different ways. In fact, being honest, I use both of these sponges differently each time I do my makeup to see what I like best. But I really like to use the hard sponge to blend my cream bronzer around my face; it does all the hard work for me.

Barely's 'prep, blot and blend' sponge is so tiny and so cute and is perfect for applying your moisturiser and an eye cream, which is something I never would've considered doing before. It's very soft and after soaking in warm water and squeezing several times it inflates to the softest sponge I've ever used.

It's very delicate and perfect for prepping your skin before you use the other two to apply your makeup. You can also use this to blend out edges of your foundation, around the hairline, jawline and nose to make sure everything is perfectly even.

The Barely prep and blot sponge is really easy to wash, but if honest, I don't tend to use this one too much and I think it's because I'm so used to using my hands and fingers to apply my moisturiser, serum and eye cream. I also feel that the other sponges are so good at what they do by blending everything perfectly and I don't actually need to use this one.

For the average Joe like myself, I'm not so sure you really need this one. I tend to use it for my primer to make sure it's really pushed into my pores and smoothing out texture issues and it works amazingly. Asides from that I constantly reach for the twins for everything else.

Personally I feel that makeup artists would appreciate having an extra sponge on hand for quick touch-ups throughout photo shoots and during filming to blot away any oils, or marks on the skin. I just really love the defining sponges and don't feel the need to have this one on hand all the time because the work is already done for me by the other two.

Overall, I think the sponges are incredible and I genuinely think they're fantastic, must-have makeup tools. Whether you're a professional or just a normal gal like me, these sponges will make a wonderful addition to your makeup bag as well as everyday life.

If you love a natural, well blended finish to your makeup- no matter the occasion, then I highly suggest you try these sponges for yourself. They save so much time in the mornings and money in the long-run- since they do not absorb all your products- leaving you with hardly any coverage.

I call these my miraculous makeup sponges, or the 3 amigos- because of how little foundation I need to now use and how they all work together. They are the perfect trio of tools for a flawless finish to your makeup.

I love that they are so easy and quick to clean and are truthfully better than other beauty blenders I have tried in the past. I'm not going to lie though; they do stain just like any other makeup sponge would. I wondered if they wouldn't but after a few weeks of playing with them almost every day, I can safely say they do.

Personally, I don't think I will go to another brand for my sponges because Barely cosmetics have got me covered and they don't cost nearly as much as what other brands ask for.

I love the whole ethos of the company and just how far they've gone to create tools that give more rather than wasting our time and money. It's not a gimmick in my opinion and if you gave me your money and asked me to choose a sponge for you, I would pick the soft definer. It does everything perfectly and is an affordable makeup tool you will love using. I've even put away all but one makeup brush and that's to apply my powder bronzer. I use my definer sponges for everything else; cream and powder products and I get such a flawless finish.

The quality of all the sponges is outstanding and I honestly have never been happier with my makeup application and finish. 

I hope you all find this review useful and honest. We all want to get the most out of our cosmetics but we don't want to have to pay a fortune and that's why I really like Barely cosmetics.

I would like to thank the Barely cosmetics team and Nicole for their help and support and for gifting me their products. I am truly grateful, you are an amazing company and I look forwards to seeing what you have coming up next for all us Barely fans.

*PR Sample

For More Information about these sponges and other products from Barely, head over to the website here.

More pictures below. How awesome is the packaging? The sponges even come with instructions.


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