I hear so many awesome reviews about so many different toners, that I never know which one to pick. I also can't justify spending a fortune for a toner- just because of its brand name and let's face it some brands are just beyond ridiculous. 

I personally like a more natural approach when it comes to facial skincare and don't like any parabens or silicone, in any of my products as they are so damaging. It's extremely difficult to find a more natural and affordable brand that's easily accessible these days and one that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

After much thought, I decided to just give up and do my own research, as I always like to do.
Fast forward a few hours later, I came across an article about the wonderful properties of Witch hazel and how great it is to use as a toner. The funny thing is with being the medical field I already knew all about it and used it many times before and further back, actually used it to treat spots in my mid teens. But with being a very impatient little woman back then, I gave up after a few days and moved on to trying a million different other things instead.

Witch Hazel is excellent for cuts, bruises, bites, inflammation and itch and can even work to soothe those under eye bags after a long shift at work. It does so many wonderful things and I got a little annoyed with myself for not having kept a bottle in my bathroom cabinet.

I also recently read an article that recommends applying it to a cotton pad and swiping around freshly shaved areas to prevent bumps and itch, especially the bikini area. How did I not remember this? That's a Great summer tip right there!
Men who are growing out facial hair should also use this tip to help keep pores clear and reduce irritation and any itch you might have.

After all the studying and articles that were read, I popped into a local pharmacy and picked up a bottle for just £2-99. It's not even £3 and it does so much. I can't believe I haven't heard lots of people raving and reviewing about it. It's affordable, simple and will help to treat my dry skin- as well as irritated spots from bad weather conditions.
 I've been using it twice a day on a cotton pad to cleanse my skin, once in the morning and just before bed, after having removed makeup. I am truly noticing a difference already. My spots are going down, are less sore and that makes me so excited to see what exactly it will do in the long-run.

I'm not going to lie it's not a friendly, fragrance to inhale in the mornings. But if you can get past the scent and accept that it doesn't come in fancy packaging, then I recommend you give it a go too.

Of course by all means study up on it for yourself and decide if it's right for you. Read all the amazing things that it can treat because even if you decide not to use it as a toner, a bottle in stock in your first aid kit will come in handy for emergencies. It's fantastic for blisters, tightening pores, spots and is just a really wonderful product handed down to us by nature.

Let me know if you have tried witch hazel as a toner and if you saw any changes to any skin issues that you might have. Isn't great finding affordable little nuggets like this when you need them!


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