Over these past couple of years I have really gotten into the joys of burning a scented candle. For me they bring so much warmth and relaxation to the end of a very stressful day.

I was in Primark at the weekend and decided to look at the homeware section, something which I never seem to do these days. They have totally upped their game with so many cute duvet sets and matching accessories since I last looked. Then, from a distance, I spotted the candles and was immediately drawn over where I honestly spent a good 20 minutes, just staring at them. 

Surprisingly enough, they had so many different shapes, scents and sizes and it made things a little difficult, because I would have happily bought one of each. But I love the scent of Jasmine- Jasmine everything, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a 'Red Berry & Jasmine' pink candle. It smells absolutely amazing but is in no way overpowering, it's very delicate and that's just how I like my candles. I don't want a migraine or an asthma attack just trying to make my room smell feminine, while creating the perfect 'ambiance'.

It cost £2 for this size and they even had a larger version that came in a glass- jam jar style, with a screw top lid. I much prefer this one and its actually quite heavy, almost like a paperweight, so you definitely don't want to be dropping this on your toes. Not that you would, but just in case.

I've been burning it constantly since I got it and I really love it. I even had it by my side as I chilled in the bathtub last night. It was lights out for me as this candle burned away for at least an hour and because of the tinted, heavyweight glass, it gave a lovely warm, pink, glow. It was very soothing and the bathroom smelt like heaven for hours afterwards.

So if you're looking to try new candles or wondering about the ones from Primark, I highly recommend them. I'm going to go back and pick up a few more, they had a Coconut and Vanilla that almost made it's way into the basket but definitely will this time round!


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