I have not blogged about my favourite products since August last year and if you ask me that's a bit ridiculous.
January is my favourite month to share new things because it's just after Christmas and there are always lots of new products around.

Remington Vintage Rose Straighteners

I don't know about anyone else but when it comes to hair straighteners, I am a full on Remington girl. I have used their straighteners since my mid teens and to this day I still prefer them. I was bought these as a christmas gift over the holidays and the design is just too cute. I absolutely love them. They are so unique and as always, very impressive. I don't style my hair too often with heat but when I do I'm usually putting in soft waves or smoothing out my ends with these, they are pretty awesome!

Makeup Revolution Contour Giftset Kit

I'm obsessed with bronzing and contouring in the most natural possible way. I never like to look like a zebra, but I do love adding definition. This amazing kit has been my go-to for weeks now and the brushes are so soft, easy to clean and perfect for the products. The contouring kit has a bronzer, blush and highlight and the blush shade is perfectly natural for everyday looks. Being honest I'm not so fond of the contour shade but the highlight is the bomb and are all perfectly pigmented. The giant bronzer is actually the perfect shade for contouring because its quite cool toned and easy to blend out. Its my favourite thing about the whole kit and I use it every time I wear makeup. Highly recommend the brushes if your on a budget too!

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint 'Coconut'

Ti's a shame the lighting and nails are so bad in this picture because this nail polish looks amazing in real life. I have been wanting to get my little mitts on this nail polish for absolute ages and finally did at the beginning of Jan. I've had several gelly nail paints from Barry M in the past but this one is definitely an all time fave. The colour is an off white shade, that really enhances the nails and of course a tan. It looks great with most outfits, even LBD's and is cute on either long or short nails. It's a great basic shade for everyday wear and one to have in your nail polish collection. An added plus- it's so affordable!

Tan Organic Self Tan Oil

Although I have a whole post dedicated to this new self tan of mine, I want to obviously mention it here because I really like it. I was so shocked when I was given the opportunity to try the tan but equally excited. It is a luxurious self tanning body oil that I haven't stopped using since I got it. I'm actually in the stage of fading and exfoliating before I can apply another layer - ain't that always a little bit annoying. It stinks of fake tan after a few hours but the colour is just gorgeous.
As a matter of fact, I've been mixing this in with my facial moisturiser and I cannot tell you how soft my face is. Seriously try it if you haven't, I just drop 2-3 dots into my moisturiser and massage it in and I get all the benefits of an organic facial oil except in the morning when I wake up, I have my glow back. The colour is nothing unnatural but subtle and pretty and I keep on getting compliments. Its a holiday glow that lasts a full week without going patchy on my very dry skin and that's a miracle in itself. My only gripe is that due to it being and oil it makes tanning your back by yourself virtually impossible.

Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo

I generally try to avoid parabens and silicones as well as other nasties in a lot of my beauty products so you can imagine why I would try this shampoo. I have fine hair but lots of it (as told by new hairdresser) It gets greasy easily, weighed down and is quite limp but remains frizzy at the ends, so I need to skip on the silicone and softening products at the roots. I have found this to be a new favourite of mine and one of the decent volumising shampoo's out there. Besides my beloved Pantene aqua light, which I can't seem to get a hold off, this is right up there with brilliance. It smells absolutely delicious, I do love a good grapefruit scent and as for the mint, I find it subtle yet refreshing. If you have a similar hair type then you need to get your hands on a bottle. I've  actually just put in my online order for some more of this as it's currently £1-97 for a 400ml bottle in Superdrug, hurrah! 

Maybelline Pore Eraser Primer

I'm late to the party considering there are a variety of new primers being released by Maybelline, but I absolutely love this stuff. These past few weeks my skin has been so dehydrated and I felt like I was back to square one after months of having it soft and nourished, mostly due to the bad weather. This stuff literally saved my butt and smoothed over my dry patches making my foundation go on more evenly and not so cake like. I know the ingredients are awful but at the end of the day, pore filling primers are loaded with silicone and when I need it, I will use it. Well, at least until someone points out another amazing, affordable option. It just makes your skin so smooth!

I'm actually really glad to have done this post as I love sharing and reviewing things for my lovely readers. I hope you all had a fantastic January, truthfully I am so glad it's over. I can't wait to get stuck into this month and pass over the misery of the January blues for another year. 

Until next time- have a great weekend everyone!


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