I don't think there's a single week that goes by without me having written a note down on some random piece of paper. I'm forever jotting down shopping lists, blogpost ideas and other random things, that when I look back- wonder what I was even thinking about at the time.

This all pretty much started after I got my first job, left school and hit college. I would write endless notes over my study papers and find them still in place at the end of the year. I guess it was because I was so busy and took my career quite seriously, that I didn't want to forget or mess anything up. 

Nowadays, I keep a huge jotter and a few coloured pens on my bedside table to help keep my busy mind nice and clear. I jot down everything, from appointments to possible trips and of course the inevitable blogpost ideas. There's scribbles, signatures and little cartoon characters all over it too, it's just what happens when the thinking process takes over my sleepless nights.

It's very therapeutic and psychologists say it truly is the best thing you can do for your mind. I encourage everyone I know to scribble down what they need too and recommend apps for their phones. The 'Everything' app is just brilliant when I'm out and about and need to jot down a doctors appointment or get sudden inspiration from something I see. I absolutely recommend it as it's very basic, easy to navigate and is completely free! I wish I had this back when I was at college because it would've made my life so much easier, no trying to find a pen in my bag to take note of something I needed to remember for later on that week.

It's so satisfying to just empty my mind of all the little things that can niggle away in my head that can sometimes ruin a good nights sleep or a lunch with a friend. Don't get me wrong I won't kill someone if I don't, I just find that my stress levels go up a notch or two and I can't give my undivided attention to one thing at a time. It's free therapy and it works.

If any of you have any other apps for my phone, even diaries, notepads and anything else to recommend for someone like me, then please let me know and together we can celebrate our little obsession.

Hi 5- to all my other deep, over thinking, practical, super organised, crazy list people out there. You are not alone and it's completely fine to be surrounded by lists and sticky notes -whether or not your in college. 


  1. Great post! I nominated you for the infinity dreams award head over to aislingsbeautybytes.blogspot.com to see your questions! x

    1. Thankyou and thankyou so much! That is so kind of you, I will be sure to answer them ASAP! :) x


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