Eyebrows are so important when it comes to defining your face, whilst keeping things looking young and fresh. I'm a firm believer, though, never was before, that one should take good care of brows.
I started tweezing little hairs here and there in my early teens and later on had them waxed- forever wondering, just how healthy it was to actually have someone rip hair from that sensitive, thin skinned area. They always go on about being delicate around the eye area and after a few times of having them done, I decided that tweezers were the tool for me. 
I won't go into my full on brow routine but rather how I add definition and a bit more thickness, using two, new, very inexpensive highstreet products, which I think you're going to love.

Starting with the main star of the show, the brow kit. This one is from MUA cosmetics and cost a mere £3-50. It has 3 different shades and one clear wax to suit your style and even has miniature tweezers and brush to go along. Pigmentation is not a problem with these shadows and I was able to place little brush stroke lines into my brows quite easily. As you can probably tell from the picture above I predominantly use a mix of the two top shades. I like to custom make my perfect shade with any given palette, to make sure I don't go too dark or warm. I have very ashy brows and can actually get away with the Fair-Med kit. I will say though, that you should just use your own little angled liner brush if you have one because the brush that comes with this, is way too thick and you will end up with eyebrows that look like slugs. As for the wax, it's not bad, not the best ever -but totally useable and will hold brows in place. Overall, it's a great little palette and I really like to use it every time I wear makeup and crave me some nice brows.

I know this step isn't necessary but I actually really like it. I have always liked brow waxes, because the clear mascara's that I used to own, never held my runaway hairs in place. But I'm now back to trying brow gels again and truthfully I don't really feel like this adds a lot of hold but rather, definition. It tints my brow hairs and makes them look a lot thicker, without looking false or overdone. It has a nice consistency and with a price tag of only £4-99 I know I can afford to repurchase over and over again. It doesn't leave a sheen or make them crunchy and looking dry, just more defined and gives a nice finish to the overall look.  As I said I do have rather ashy toned eyebrows and although this is the 'Medium brown' shade I can get away with using it just fine. Though next time, I will be grabbing the deep blonde instead, to compare. 

So if you're looking an affordable duo for your brows then I think you should definitely give these a little try. Not all of us can afford or justify spending more than £10 on products just for that one area of the face. I personally tend to splurge on concealers, correctors and powders, but when it comes to the brows, I go highstreet. Both of these are great additions to my makeup bag as well as my brows,  and perhaps, now yours?


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