Over the past few years, I have really tried and tested the skincare brand that ASDA runs- known as NSPA. They are in my opinion a great little British brand, that do some amazing affordable skincare products. If I'm in a local store, you can always be sure to find me gawping at their products and telling myself that I don't need anything, because I would buy lots of stuff, even when I don't need it.

Last year I found one of the most amazing skincare products, ever! It was known as the 'Replenishing Moisture mask' and wasn't so long after, that I discovered It was dropped from their line. I was absolutely gutted because I had used a full tube prior to this one, and saw fantastic results within just a week. My skin was so much softer, smooth in texture and even my breakouts started to subside.

I was meant to do this post much sooner, but now that I have almost reached the last of my second tube of one of the best, gloriously hydrating, skin texture- changing face masks, I decided it was time to write about it. 

It will be sorely missed in my beauty stash and I honestly wish that they hadn't taken this mask from ME, their line of products. I still hope to this very moment that they will say that they are just repackaging the product, and it will be available again soon. But the fact of the matter is that I am saving every last drop of whatever I have left and keeping it for special occasions; as well as a skin aid after bouts of Winter induced illnesses.

I now must begin searching for a just as affordable, super hydrating face mask, that doesn't contain any parabens or silicones. That smells wonderful and can be worn overnight and not just 20 minutes during the day. That is just as accessible, always on offer, and can be proudly displayed on the glass bathroom shelf, rather than hidden in the old cabinet.

I don't believe I will ever find one that can match up or do all those things, or that will contain the beautiful scent of Jasmine, or clear up breakouts and soothe my dry patches to peace- and all at once.

However, all recommendations are welcome, especially from those who have dry skin issues and acne. Please list them below today and you could help save a dry skinned gal, who is in mourning for her loss. Thankyou.

This was NSPA's 'Replenishing moisture' Mask - RIP my beloved face mask.


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