I love Superdrug and could spend absolute hours on end perusing the isles, never mind shopping at home and online. 
As usual I needed to top on a few toiletries and couldn't resist adding, well, a few extra bits to the basket.

There are so many amazing offers and bargains right now and I think it's good to share that kind of information. Then again, Superdrug always have brilliant offers!

Over the past few weeks I have been using the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked 'Volume' shampoo, which I have developed a little obsession over. It smells absolutely amazing, gives a good old scrub and leaves my hair soft and light. I love that it has no parabens, silicones or colourants, so I decided to try the Conditioner as well. Although it does have silicone, why- I don't know. A fab range which is costing under £2 for a giant bottle of 400ml, Now that's a bargain!

Speaking of hair products, meet my new teasing hair team. For years I have stuck with my Denman teasing brush to boost volume in my roots. But after having watched Lauren Popes Youtube channel- featuring all things hair, I decided to get myself some hairspray and a Bobbled, Pin tail teasing comb. I can tell you that it works so much better and I got so many compliments yesterday whilst sporting my messy waves. It stayed in place with the hairspray and smelt fabulous too! It's going to come in handy for plenty of Updo's I plan on trying this year as well.

Ah, Dove, my absolute favourite line for body washes and lotions. I have stuck with Dove body washes for almost 3 years, as there's nothing that compares to these. I cannot tell you how many bottles I use of this stuff- in a month, its scary. I always stock up when they're on offer and although I have them marked at full price I actually picked them up for just over £1 at the time. This new Coconut and Jasmine range is my favourite because I adore the scent of Jasmine and it lasts forever. There's no perfume needed. So, If your looking to try some new products I recommend you try these! 

I love using these sponges to gently exfoliate my skin as well as help remove my makeup. I pretty much use them like you would a muslin cloth, but find these to be a little more gentle. My Nip+fab cleanser + these = soft, smooth skin. They are so cheap and you get 2 in a packet. what's not to like?

This is hands down the best eye makeup remover I have tried. It doesn't hurt my eyes and removes waterproof products like a dream. At the time of ordering it was a BOGOF (buy one, get one free) and I knew I had to stock up on this stuff. I used to really like the Garnier version but since trying this I haven't cared for it. I highly recommend it!

To finish off this little haul, I picked up a bottle of the infamous Barry M nail polish in 'Ballerina'. It's a gorgeous, vintage rose colour, which I've heard is being discontinued! My advice is to grab a bottle or two now, while you can. I love this and will be sporting this shade on my nails for Valentines Day. (I'll try and get a snapshot for a post!)
I love Makeup revolution and their single eyeshadows and glosses are just amazing. I wanted to pick up another shadow to tryout, and this shade is actually rather disappointing. In the pan it looks like a gorgeous taupe but when it comes to application, it's more of a barely there lilac shimmer. I have tried other shades and this is the first time I've been disappointed.
As for the gloss I have three other shades and they're just easy to chuck on before heading out the door. This new shade is a gorgeous, peachy-pink, and the pigmentation is pretty good for it only being £1!

Now that We've arrived at the end of this haul, you can leave - haha! I hope you enjoyed it and find the links useful. Seriously though, you need to try some of these products if you haven't already!


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