I love self tanning and I have my favourites that I like to stick to, but I do love to try something new. I love the little buzz you get when trying a new tan and receiving a PR sample from TanOrganic was no different.

It's such a shame that I had never paid much attention to their range beforehand, considering how much I love natural skincare and beauty. If you have been following me for a while you will know I try to use a lot of natural skincare or products with less harsh chemicals, as well as avoiding parabens like the plague. 

I was so excited to try this tan oil and see what benefits I would reap and believe me I reaped plenty.


In my normal style I shaved and exfoliated the night before as well as taking a shower.
I used the tan eraser mitt that came with the tanning oil and I really think it made all the difference.

I used this on dry skin but you can use the mitt wet for a tougher exfoliating session. It really did buff out my dry patches and I got such a close shave leaving me feeling very smooth and soft afterwards. I love this little mitt as convenience is everything and I can now leave it hanging in my bathroom for future uses. I highly recommend you pick up one for yourself because it's of excellent quality and will last you a really long time.


Firstly it's not something you're going to want to do in your bedroom, this is not wooden floor or light carpet, colour friendly; this one is for the bathroom only.

I personally had difficulty with application because of the obvious fact that it's oil. It runs and moves and so you need to move quite quickly. Although it has a controlled seal, it was still tricky to use. For me it's really a two man job and you really need an extra pair of hands to do your back. 

I preferred to pour a few drops of the oil into the palms of my hands, rather than splashing directly onto my skin. It just made things easier and I felt that it would lessen the risk of streaks and unevenness.

I loved that it left my skin feeling really soft and hydrated, but I know not a lot of people like to feel anything on their skin, so it may not be appealing to everyone. But for those who have very dry skin during the winter months, I could see this being a favourite product. I really loved the feeling of hydration and knowing that my skin was getting a huge dose of beautifying oils, was a complete comfort.

Tanorganics tan oil does not have a guide colour but it did not bother me in the slightest because I have experience from using a gradual tanner in the same way. I actually really liked not having a guide colour because it meant that it wouldn't stain my pyjamas or bed sheets later on. 
I really like the scent because it smells like freshly peeled oranges but is nothing offensive or overbearing. It has quite the herbal fragrance and it really adds to the whole luxurious experience.

I recommend you do your body in sections as I did and not splash it all over. Be sure to wash your hands in between too, especially around your wrists so they don't end up orange or patchy.

Speaking of hands, when it came to using the oil I found it a little difficult, so what I did was splash 2-3 drops onto the back of one hand, as well as some of my hand cream and mixed them together on the back of my other hand, to blend it all in. This makes things so much easier and is the best method I've tried so far.

This tan contains 8% DHA and takes around 6-8 hours for it to develop, so I let it dry in for 5 minutes before putting on thin, loose, PJ's and then hitting the sack. I really recommend you do this as it has quite a strong fake tan scent and it's not something you would want to do during the day. I woke up a few times to the pong of fake tan and I know it says on the bottle that there is no smell, but I can definitely confirm there is one.
I can also say that the oily feeling I had, literally disappeared by the end of the night and I was able to sleep comfortably. 


The following morning I woke to a perfect glow and the only little disaster I made, was with my hands. Everywhere else was even, no patches, no streaks, just a nice golden colour. In terms of colour it really reminds me of my Dove Summer glow in the medium to dark shade and we all know how much I love that stuff.

There was a fake tan scent present by the end of the developing time and I did need a shower to rinse away the fragrance but I was in love with my colour results so much that it didn't really bother me.

It's an absolutely beautiful product and my skin felt so soft hours later; even after my shower. It really looked as if I had been kissed by the sun and I loved the natural glow that it gave me.

Overall Thoughts

I think this tan oil is an absolutely beautiful product that just oozes luxury. It feels good on the skin and tints it with just the right amount of colour, for a sunkissed glow.
I love the packaging too because although it's glass and perhaps not so travel friendly, it is far safer than typical plastic packaging, which tends to release chemicals into your skincare products.

It's very hydrating and does not overbear skin making it feel clogged or uncomfortable. It dries in completely after a few hours and you can sleep comfortably knowing that you are developing a very safe tan as you rest.

I think it's fantastic that men can use it too as there is no strong feminine fragrance and I know there are a lot of guys out there who love to add a glow to their skin, as much as I do. A lot of men don't actually like the fuss of skincare and the oil could work wonders, giving their skin the nourishment that it needs while they sleep. Men could absolutely use this to get their glow on and while she's tanning your back you could do hers- as any gentleman should do. It is a great unisex product that oozes luxury and gives a wonderful, natural glow to the skin.

It's safe to use on pregnant women, eczema laden skin and even those who are prone to sensitivity and breakouts. It's so gentle and nourishing; I tend to think it would help improve skin conditions, as well as adding that extra glow to your pregnancy.

A little practice will help you a long with application but ultimately you will still need someone to tan your back for you. The first time you use it will be a little strange, especially if you're used to regular self tans and not oil products. However, I think it's a product worth getting familiar with because of how amazing the results are. You can apply it before you hop into bed and I know a lot of new mum's who would love to use something like this. It just saves time whilst killing any fake tan cravings you may have.

I think its best applied before bed because it takes 6-8 hours to completely develop and I can detect a fake tan scent as time goes on.

The only thing I can think of that might be a con, would be the price tag. However, it is aimed at someone looking for luxury, as well as safe skincare rather than affordability.

Personally I can see myself reaching for this tan a lot and will definitely be mixing a few drops in with my facial moisturiser to give my sickly pallor some warmth and brightness.

The mitt is fantastic too and I haven't stopped using it to exfoliate my skin before I tan, as well as afterwards to help the fading process. It's such a handy tool to have and is one that you won't want to stop using either, as it makes skin ultra smooth.

I'm now a total Tanorganics fan and their tan oil is a beautiful product that will be purchased again. 
It really was a whole new experience for me but I'm really impressed that such a product exists and I love how safe it is to use. Tanorganic tan oil just makes self tanning that extra bit special and aims to look after your skin while you tan and I really like that kind of thinking.

 I highly suggest you pick up a bottle, especially since spring is approaching and summer- around the corner- well, hopefully!

*PR Sample

 I would like to thank TanOrganic for this wonderful opportunity and for their support, I am truly grateful! The products are absolutely beautiful and the chocolates were delicious, Thank you!


  1. I really want to try this product- so many organic self-tanners have failed me! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing

    Angie- WhippedGreenGirl.com

    1. Aw no! Well hopefully this one will do you good girl! Thanks so much! :)


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