Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I shared a monthly favourites post here on my blog, so here I am, ready to give an update on these past few months of favourites.

Starting with my non- beauty favourite, my latest book and one of my favourites that I've read this year.
I got this way back in the first week of August and had it finish by the end of that week it was that good!
I also got to meet the Author of the book, Phillipa Gregory, my favourite author whose books I have collected over the years and am now the proud owner of almost 10 of them.
 I never thought I would get the chance to actually meet her, but luckily for me she just happened to be on a book tour promoting this new novel. I was so excited and she was so lovely and chatty and I got to hear her discuss other books of hers that I have read and where it ties into this new book.
It's called the King's Curse and features main character and life story of the Lady Margaret Pole. It follows her Journey throughout King Henry VIII's reign and shares her views and how her life was during that time. 
Anyway, it is a fantastic book to read and an even better one now that my copy is an Autographed one and having got to actually meet it's author. It's been the highlight of my year so far!

Moving onto beauty and makeup products, Nip + Fab's glycolic fix cleanser has been my only love for cleansing my skin and removing make-up. I have a full review here on my blog so I won't go into too much detail but it isn't like any other cleanser I have tried. It absolutely cleared up my acne spots and much faster than anything else I've tried. Unfortunately, I've used it all up and my skin has broken out like crazy again, but it really proves that it was truly working and I believe this was all down to the glycolic acid in the product. Truly fantastic, even for my sensitive, dry skin.

Dove dry shampoo is something I've heard a lot about in the blogging world and it's no wonder. I think I might prefer it to my usual canisters of Batiste, simply because it works better for my hair type. It doesn't leave such a noticeable white cast and having naturally ashy roots I definitely don't need it to look more ash than it already does. It also smells lovely and I've noted this even more because I've had people ask me if I was wearing a new perfume and what it was because I smelt so good. It's a really nice dry shampoo and I will definitely repurchase when I run out.

I've also been wearing a new foundation this past month and I absolutely love it. It's Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation and it offers an amazing amount of coverage for such a low price. The quality of the foundation is probably the best of the lot of the Rimmel foundations that I have previously tried. I say this because it lasts extremely well throughout the day, blush and bronzer still intact after 6-7 hours. It has medium coverage and a more creamy texture compared to others. I really love this and I wear it everyday that I decide to wear makeup.It has such a lovely finish, especially if you apply it with a foundation brush and blend it all out with a beauty blender just before you apply you're powder. 

Speaking of Rimmel I've been addicted to several of their products of late and they have truly impressed me. The next two products are what I like to call, the perfect lip combo and I say this because the shades flatter my lips, and the finish gives the illusion that my lips are much fuller than they actually are.
The two I'm talking about are Rimmel's exaggerate lip liner in 'Eastend snob' and Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade 'Asia', number 77. I love these two so much and I've been wearing them all the time and I've got such lovely compliments from people around me. Together they create the perfect Autumn lip, finish and compliment simple everyday makeup looks as well as heavier for nights out. I also love the fact that they are both so inexpensive!

If you've heard of the tangle teaser this part will make sense, if you haven't you definitely won't have a clue. I think I'll imagine that you do because I actually found a much more affordable version, that's identical to the more famous original.

 It's called the easy tease and has a curved handle which fits snugly into the palm of your hand making it much easier to comb through any knots or tangled strands of hair. I found mine in Home Bargains for only £1-99 and it works the exact same way as the tangle teaser and even feels the same. I highly recommend it, I love it and use it all the time. If you have a local store nearby, go in and get your hands on one before they all go! You won't regret it! 

My final makeup item is again from Rimmel, but be warned I am not sponsored to say this nor where these products sent for review, all were purchased with my own money. I just really like these few products and I keep them in my everyday makeup bag for use.
The giant bronzer in the picture is called Sun shimmer maxi bronzer and I have it in the shade '002 Summer passion' The reason I love it so much is that it's totally matte, though it says shimmer, there is absolutely none. It comes with three different shades allowing me to choose the colours I prefer on any given day. If it's extremely sunny outside I will use the darkest shade, and if I want to contour I will mix the two lighter shades that create the most perfect, natural colour for shading areas of my face without looking orange. I love having an option and it's my new go-to bronzer, I really like this.

I apologise that there was so much to read in this one but there was so much information in my head that I wanted to share. I promise the next post will be much shorter and to the point, this one was rather rambly but I am a very chatty person lol.

Thanks for taking the time to read this one, feel free to share your favourites!



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