Hi Everyone,

Over the past 2 months or so I have been testing out the fabulous Glycolic Fix Cleanser from popular brand Nip+ fab and seeing what results I could attain.

I do suffer with very dry, acne prone skin that tends to carry a lot of pigmentation from old spots. I was hoping to discover a decent amount of improvement with my acne and perhaps see the texture of my skin smooth out a little too.

But first lets chat about the ingredients as they are the most important part of any beauty product.

The main ingredients of the cleanser are Olive oil, to keep skin soft and can even help to dissolve makeup of your face. Apple Amino acids which help to cleanse and heal wounds and lastly, of course, a small 2% dosage of your glycolic acid, known to help gently exfoliate skin without any abrasive or harsh scrubbing involved.

Now, when you hear the words glycolic acid you might think of a facial peel, as having or being left with sensitive, red skin. However, as someone who has very sensitive skin, I can honestly say that there was no irritation or redness caused and I must admit even I was surprised. It's so mild and gentle that it's nothing like you expect it to be, but trust me it works.

There are no parabens which I detest in beauty products as they are so harmful to your health. Other ingredients include Green Tea, glycerin, Water of course, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parfum.

What I particularly loved about the product was the clear and simple designed packaging, which allows you to keep check of how much you have left, a rarety in products nowadays. I also liked the flip top lid but would have loved a pump dispenser even more.

I actually loved the texture of the product as it was so unlike other cleansers I have tried. It has a nice slip and only foamed slightly. I believe this was due to the olive oil and it made for such an easy cleanse, removing my makeup much better than anything else I have tried.
But don't get to thinking that it was greasy or heavy, this cleanser didn't leave a film on my skin or give a feeling as If I needed to wash my face all over again. It's a very nice cleanser indeed and has a refreshing, slightly lemon scent, which I appreciated for the early mornings. Don't underestimate the zing of lemon scent to help you waken my friends.

When it came to actually washing my face, I particularly liked to do a double cleanse and leave each layer on for a minute or so to get the most out of the product. I believe this way of cleansing worked as after just 3 days my skin was rapidly clearing up and any new spots were clearing away much better than normal.

After just 1 month of use I had noticed quite the difference with texture, softness and acne breakouts in that, my skin was softer, less inflamed and acne breakouts weren't as prevalent.

I will not say that it's a miracle worker as there is no such product, but it truly did clear up spots faster and reduce the amounts I would have gotten without use. I even got compliments on how much better my skin was looking after the first week and a half.

Overall, this cleanser was a fantastic purchase and I would absolutely use it again as I visibly saw great results. I personally would recommend folk out there who have similar skin issues to mine to give it a try.
 It's made my skin so much softer, makeup removal is a dream, it helps to tackle big, nasty breakouts and give skin a gentle glow. Plus I can't deny it's refreshing scent is a nice addition. It's texture allows it to gently soap up on contact with water, allowing me to get a really good cleanse every time. Not forgetting that you barely need any, a little goes a long way saving you product and pennies at the same time.

Advice I would give, leave it on for a minute or two before rinsing off, leave it there to get to work and allow it to dissolve any dirt or makeup left over from the day. You will get and see much better results.

I rate this cleanser with a 5/5

Nip + Fab Glycolic fix Cleanser £7-95 for 150ml Available from Boots


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