Hi Everyone!

After having browsed Ebay for a few hours, mostly for new makeup pieces and sunglasses a picture of makeup brushes shot up on the screen. They looked pretty much identical to the sigma mini Kabuki brushes that most companies now make and that I had really wanted.

They were so cheap that I didn't mind having to wait a few weeks for them to arrive, the whole way from china. I've actually ordered several things from China previously, particularly beauty blenders and never had any problems.

The brushes come in plenty of different colours to choose from, but I went for the gold ferrule and black handles, since I liked them the most.
Since I've now had them for a while I thought I would do a little review to share my thoughts.

Firstly they come in a set of 4, with different angles and different purposes. But the first thing I noticed when I got them, was just how soft they felt. They didn't feel cheap, to me at least and I just couldn't get over how well they looked.

It took a week and half for them to get to the UK and they arrived in perfect condition.

The Pointed
Angled Top
Flat Top
Round Top
The most compact and dense of them all is the pointed brush which I immediately felt like was perfect for concealing spots and redness around my nose. The rest are pretty flimsy and fluffy soft, which I like for using to set my under eyes with powders, to contour and sculpt my nose as well as my cheekbones, which need a little bit of help and also blend out everything around my hairline.

I have to say that they blend out my concealer, correctors and even foundation like a dream. They are very soft and don't leave any visible lines or patchiness on my face, they are really, really good!

The actual handles feel very lightweight and are black wood or some sort of wood at least. The ferrule feels as if it's been sealed tight too. I was shocked at how good the condition of the brushes were and thought to put them to one more final test, washing!

I wanted to see how bad they shed before I started applying my makeup with them and I can honestly say that I had no shedding whatsoever and the brushes still feel very soft, after having washed them 3 times! Hurrah!

Overall, I think these were a great little purchase and would totally recommend them to anyone on a tight budget or who wants to build up their brush collection, even for those just starting out!
I hope this review helps




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