Hi Everyone,

If you've been following me for a long time, then you will know how much I loved the Rimmel Wake me up concealer in the shade 'Ivory'. But more recently I discovered on a night out, under some weird lights, that particular concealer has glitter particles and that completely put me off. My whole under eye area looked as if I had applied glitter or some sort of shimmery eye product, I looked totally ridiculous, though that's not difficult to do!

So of I went on the hunt to find a new alternative and decided to give the Maybelline fit me concealer a try.
I picked mine up in the shade 10, taking into consideration the fact that I would be regularly self tanning, with either a gradual or an instant tan. However, this colour is way to dark for even that and it's actually very, very orange.

 My friend purchased the same concealer in the shade 15 and that's actually much lighter and has a similar colouring to my Rimmel concealer. I feel like the shade range is a bit off in terms of numbering and I would advise anyone who wants to try this concealer, go for shade 15, that's the lightest colour they have to offer.

In terms of coverage, its very light and doesn't do much for hiding any spots or my dark under eye circles. However, it has a nice texture and sets to a silky powder finish, which I particularly like for my eye area, otherwise dry skin and spots with this concealer, creates quite the mess.

I like the doughfoot applicator and simple packaging but I don't think that I really like this concealer. I feel as if it doesn't really do anything.

 I have to admit I am rather disappointed after hearing so many great reviews and lots of Youtubers talk about how great it is.
I would have to say the complete opposite, it certainly doesn't hide any redness, pigmentation marks or my dark circles. 
I honestly don't mind that it doesn't hide my spots, because that's not what it was actually purchased for but I decided to test it out for reviewing purposes.

So of I go, on the hunt, yet again to find some seriously good concealers. I honestly feel like giving up with highstreet products altogether and just going for it with the highend. I think I've tried just about everything they have to offer but we'll see, perhaps there will me more highstreet concealer reviews to come!

Any recommendations for brightening underye concealers and good spot concealers for dry skin are welcome!

I hope this review helps,




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