Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the slightly warmer weather, as summer has now begun, Yipee!. 

Now I don't know about others but I do love quite a few nail polishes to choose from for each season of the year and since it's "Summer" I would like to share my picks for this year.

Unwittingly I've managed to pick 5 pastel shades for those of you like something a little bit more subtle but still pretty and also 5 hot shades for the more daring lass. I personally love both so I think it perfect for this post.

I'm going to start things of by chatting about the more vibrant shades of my collection because I'm obsessed with these colours and will make any tan you gain this year, pop.

  • Avon Gel Finish Polish 'Orange Crush' - A very bright, in your face orange, that's almost neon. It's so gorgeous and you can see swatches and a review of this polish in my other post here. I'm telling you I will be wearing this one a lot.
  • Avon Nailwear Pro+ 'Coral Reef' - I think everyone will agree that coral is the absolute perfect shade for summertime. I just love coral as it's the most flattering shade against my skintone and again will really make your tan, whether real or false, stand out. This one has more of a cream finish.
  • Avon Nailwear Pro+ 'Viva Pink'  - This is such a beautiful fuchsia pink shade that I've worn for absolute years and is a fabulous colour for summertime and looks amazing with an LBD. It has blue undertones and a creamy finish.
  • Barry M Nail Paint 'Bright Red' - What an absolute essential that everyone should have in their collection. Red is such a classic colour that can be worn at anytime of the year. But I particularly like this one for summertime because it has more of an orange undertone, making it bright indeed. Who doesn't love a good red polish?
  • Avon Pro+ 'Divine Lime'  - Another amazing colour for summer and a real stand out. You will need a white base coat as this is quite sheer but the amazing shimmer makes this an absolutely gorgeous colour! I highly recommend this one as it will totally make your tan look even darker, its just fab!
 Next up are my pastel shades, something a little more subtle and easy to wear. I don't know why but I always feel like Pastel shades are quite retro and I totally love that look, am I the only one?

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Go Bananas' - A very pretty lemon shade that really stands out on all skintones. It is a white based nail polish so it's still very bright without looking too yellow. It's also got a subtle, silver shimmer throughout, which catches the light beautifully. Although, It is barely noticeable in darker light, it's still a nice touch. You can see swatches of this polish here.
  • Avon Gel Finish 'Creme Brulee' - I don't know why but I feel as though this is the perfect wedding attendee/bridal colour. 3 thin coats of this gives you a a lovely, fresh manicured look and has the perfect mix of beige and white. This will definitely stand out at a wedding and I would totally wear this on my big day, it's very pretty.
  • NYC Expert Last 'Mint Macaroon' - I think mint green is another great shade to have for summertime and this little nail polish here is very nice. It has a lovely glossy finish and looks amazing against a tan, on either toes or fingernails. I really like the NYC polishes becasue they are so inexpensive but have a great shade range to choose from and this is definitely one of my all-time favourites.
  • Essie 'Bikini So Teeny'  - I have to mention this shade even though it's from several  summer collections ago, everybody should try it. This one is a very pretty, periwinkle blue colour, with fine silver shimmer throughout. It looks amazing on all skintones and is just he perfect mix of pale blue and lilac, it's very cute.
  • NYC Expert Last 'Lavender Cupcake' - Such a cute name and colour, though it's not quite lavender nor is it full on pink but a mix of both. It also has a white base to make it pop and it's a great one for the stash. It's a very unusual colour and looks amazing when paired with white clothing as it really stands out.
I think you can tell how much I like these colours and that I will be certainly wearing at least one of these in each new YouTube video that I upload. 

10 perfect shades for Summer, What are yours?

P.S Don't forget to check back for part 2 where I share my beauty essentials for this season!




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