Hi Everyone,

Since it's Summer here in the UK, I've decided to blog and film, a 3 part Mini series, featuring all my favourites things for this time of year.

Part 1 featured my top 10 nail polish picks, with choices from both pastel shades and the more vibrant colours, that you read all about here. But for today's post, I'll be sharing some of my absolute favourite beauty products and tools for Summertime.

It was really tough trying to just pick 10 things, I didn't even realise until I started this little series up just how many things I love to use over the Summertime. So I've managed to combine some products into sections instead, just to squeeze some other things in as well. Let's Begin!

  • SPF & AFTER SUN - I think it goes without saying that SPF is needed and an after sun for those really hot days when you can get a little bit burnt. I absolutely love the Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF30 as it's just the right factor for my skin type. I tried SPF50 last year and I just didn't get any colour whatsoever. But with an SPF30 I get a nice, even brown tan that will last. I prefer the travel sized version of 30ml, since we don't get a lot of sun over here and I can just pop it into my handbag for touch-ups, during later in the day. My After sun of choice is Organic Aloe Vera gel, as it has this lovely cooling sensation that soothes any redness and irritation. It's very inexpensive too and you can pick up a travel sized version as well.
  • DEODORANT DUO - I learnt this little trick a few years ago and that was to layer up a roll on deodorant with a spray. It means the scent lasts all day through the heat of the summer sun and keeps you dry for far longer. I'm not exactly a sweaty person nor a smelly one thankfully so this trick works fine for me. Just put your roll-on deo first and then spritz your spray lightly over the top!
  • HAIR STYLING - There's only 2 products I use continuously throughout summer for styling my hair and that is a dry shampoo and an oil. Dry shampoo comes in handy for those messy beach up-do's and an oil, such as my L'Oreal Mythic oil (holy grail) smooths my hair when it's getting frizzy and fried from the really hot days.
  • RAZORS - Again this one goes without saying, you want to be fuzz free and silky smooth so you can wear your little tank tops and shorts or bikini's to the beach. These are my favourite and I've mentioned them on a few occasions but they are very, very good!
  • FAKE TAN - Believe it or not I still like to self tan but more so because a lot of the time the Irish don't get Barbados type weather. A light layer of my Cocoa Brown or Baby B Browne is more for when we don't get any sun at all and it just rains. However, I will just use my Dove Summer glow in Med/Dark when we've had plenty of sunshine because I do naturally tan and this just helps balance out any areas that don't get much colour. I've managed to snap a pic of the Dove Summer glow in with my next few products, Oops!
  • GARNIER BB CREAM - I love this stuff because it gives me the lightest coverage of makeup but a good SPF of 25. My skin loves the sun and for some reason my acne always clears up or eases up, so I can usually get away with just wearing this. It's absolutely fantastic and again I can pop it into my beach bag for touch ups If need be. Read about here.
  • BODY MIST/SPRAY - In the summertime I love body mists or sprays because I feel like perfumes are a bit too heavy. This one from the Avon Planet Spa range, has a gorgeous light vanilla and jasmine scent. It's very light and fresh with a hint of warmth from the vanilla, making it perfect for nighttime use as well as during the day. It's absolutely gorgeous!
  • DRY BODY BRUSH - Although this is a new thing for me, this year it's definitely going to come in handy. It will help to keep my skin smooth and if there be any need to rid of cellulite, then I have the right tool for it. Dry body brushing has made such a difference to my skin, you should definitely pick up your own.
  • LIP BALM - Nobody likes sun chapped lips, nobody likes kissing dry lips, so I stick to a simple lip balm for daytime. However at night if I'm going out somewhere I like a tinted version to give me a bit of colour. Either way they are an absolute essential for summertime and I love the Nivea Pure & Natural with Milk & Honey. YUM!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BODY MOISTURISER - At the end of the day you want to keep yourself super soft and hydrated but not greasy. There were several in my stash that I would've chosen from but the Nivea Pure & Natural is what I've been reaching for as it doesn't leave me feeling like I need another shower. Plus it smells very fresh and has a milky texture that I just lurrve!
  • HYDRATING FACE MASK - This is another new thing for me but I will absolutely be using this throughout the summer. My face has gotten so dry again due to the weather constantly changing it's mind. So, something like this is perfect after long days in the sun. This particular one is from NSPA which you can read all about here.
OK so that was well over 10 products but I just couldn't leave out one single thing because they are all so important. Feel free to share your absolute essentials for summer in the comments below.

Have a great Day!

P.S Stay tuned for the final part of this mini series where I discuss my Fashion/ accessory Essentials!




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