Today's blogpost is all about my fake tan routine, which is very basic and easy for me to keep up with.
It keeps my skin soft, hydrated and helps me keep that natural golden glow that I crave and love so much.

In this post I'll take you through my prep, application method and fading process -basically the life cycle of my fake tan routine.


It all starts the night before where I like to exfoliate, shave and moisturise my skin for a nice even base to apply my tan to the following day.

To exfoliate my skin I've been using my dry body brush, buffing all over my body in light circular motions. It's an excellent beauty accessory that anyone with dry skin should own, it makes such a difference and your skin is left so soft and smooth.

For my hands I've been using my 'Planet spa Shea butter hand and foot scrub' by Avon, which smells so yummy and works really well to exfoliate knuckles and around the cuticles. I apply this to my dry hands and massage it all over, then rinse it off using water, simply because it's very gritty and seems to work better that way.

I'll then jump in the shower and shave, removing any unwanted hair and go over my stomach area to make sure the tan goes on smoothly. My tummy is the one area that self tan loves to go on weird and and I find this little trick helps a lot, especially if I repeat the process after a few days.
The razor I use is the men's 'Wilkinsons Xtreme 3 Sensitive' as it gives me a nice close shave.

Moving onto moisturiser, I prefer to use something lightweight but very hydrating. Recently I have been loving my 'Nivea Pure and Natural body milk' which smells very fresh and doesn't leave you feeling as if you need another shower. It's perfect for the night before you self tan.


My absolute favourite (Holy grail) tan to use is the Cocoa Brown 1 hr tan and I apply this using my Velvotan self tan mitt. 
I've always loved using mitts as they are the easiest to work with and really do all the hard work for you.

I prefer to apply my tan during the day, sort of late afternoon and let it develop over 3 hours for the darkest colour I can get and I can just run around the house while it does it's job.
I hate sleeping with fake tan on overnight and I love that I don't have to do this with the Cocoa Brown. 

I like to start from my stomach and work my way upwards towards my jawline and ears, since I don't tan my face.
Lately, I haven't been applying my Cocoa brown tan to my legs either but have been using my favourite gradual tanner for them instead, so that's why I start from my stomach.

I like to leave my hands last and will wash them before I apply a small blob of tan to my mitt, squish the product into it and then buff it around my wrists, between fingers and over my knuckles being careful to cover my hand evenly.


Roughly around 3 hours later, I will jump in the shower and rinse of the colour guide and pat myself dry with a towel rather than rub.
I will also moisturise my skin using the Cocoa Brown 'Chocolate Whip' an Oil-free, hydrating cream to help preserve my tan and keep my skin soft, Plus it smells absolutely delish!
I absolutely love the colour I get from this tanner because it doesn't look fake at all and brings a lovely warmth to my skin. I've tried tons of tans and although I have a few other favourites, I just can't get enough of this one, it's truly wonderful!


      I will normally get 4-5 days wear out of one application but by the 4th it's time for me to exfoliate again.

Again, I will just hop in the shower and dry body brush, making sure to pay extra attention to my hands and stomach area.

It's then afterwards I will usually decide whether or not to try and make it last longer or If I should start the fading process.

If I want to make it last longer I will apply a layer of my 'Dove Summer glow' in med/dark which  matches the original tan colour pretty well, so you can't even tell the difference. That means I get another 2-3 days of wear and don't need to use more of my lovely cocoa Brown.

On the other hand, if it's just too far gone I will start using an oil based moisturiser over the next few days, shave my tummy area again and take a few baths, as well as dry body brush.

It's a super easy routine that I try to do once a week but if there's too much buildup of tan then I will skip a week and give my skin a break. I don't know how girls get every drop of tan off their skin so quickly, it takes me ages!

But I will say that I love how all the products work well together and how this tan looks on my skin. It's absolutely perfect for the summertime and I find myself constantly reaching and re-purchasing the Cocoa brown tan.

I'm actually planning to get my hands on the darker version but I love this one so much I keep putting myself off he he!

Anyways that's it for my self tan routine, I hope you found it useful!


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