Hi Everyone,

As most of you know by now I love nail polishes, I've painted my nails from a very young age and just love how happy it makes me feel.
Apparently my aunt also knows this, as she has bought me several new nail polishes of late and these are just the latest additions to my collection.

These are the Gel Finish nail polishes from Avon and are the most gorgeous colours for summertime to make your tan pop.
I've been testing them out all week and seeing how they wear on the nails and the sort of finish that they give.
I realise now that so many brands have caught on to this strange gel nail Polish obsession that people have and all have their own different versions. I have tried a few and really loved the look and shine that they give. 
But lets see what I thought of these ones shall we?


First of all how gorgeous is this colour? It's the most brightest, vibrant, almost neon- orange colour I've seen of late and it's just beautiful. I can see myself sporting this a lot over summertime.
It took 2 coats to completely cover my nails and the brush was very easy to work with meaning I could get very close to my cuticles.
I have to say that it took over a half an hour for it to completely dry and found that if you use a base product it won't set properly. I found it went on bare nails a lot nicer but still took some time to dry.

I have many little lines and dents in the polish which I'm sure you can see from the picture above, I don't have a nice, smooth, gel-like finish, like they claim. However, I have found this to be a common problem with gel polishes, much like the Barry M gels, they are glossy to start but after a few hours they look a little messy.

I've also had to repaint my nails after 2 days of wear because of how quickly it chipped.
Although, I think I could get passed all that just for the colour, I'm absolutely amazed and have had lots of compliments while wearing this. But I don't feel like this one has a gel finish at all.

Rating 3.5/5



This shade is one of the much more sheer and very nude shades from the range.
It took three thin coats to get this coverage and this time I gave it a good hour before I attempted to do anything. After last time I wanted to make sure it had plenty of time to dry and It definitely helped as I had a smoother finish.
However I still don't see the gel effect, perhaps you do? I feel like it has a nice finish but still not super glossy and smooth as a gel.

On the other hand it is the most perfect bridal colour for those who don't want to go for the typical french Mani, as this is so pretty and very chic. I've had a few agree that this would be the perfect wedding day shade and looks good on both short and long nails.

Rating 4/5


I absolutely love this colour because it's so unique and looks like a totally different colour depending on the lighting, as you will see from the pictures above.
In certain lighting it looks like a periwinkle blue and others a cool shade of lilac. I also thought that out of the three this one had more of that gel-like finish that I've been wanting, which made me very happy.

It looks amazing on your nails and really makes any tan you have, stand out.
However, like the others this one also chipped after just two days of wear and I was a little disappointed.
But it's absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for summer and a rather nice addition to my collection as I have never had a colour like this one before, it's really unique.

Rating 4/5

Overall, these polishes are just gorgeous colours to wear over summer, or for those of you who like to wear bright colours throughout the year. However, I don't feel like these were very gel-like and looked like a normal nail polish when applied.
It doesn't seem to matter how many layers you add, the pictures above show the exact finish you will get.

I also think if you are someone who paints there nails often then you won't mind them chipping so much and after two days, needing removed.

I also recommend thin layers as opposed to thicker as you will get a nicer even finish and will find them to dry a lot faster. Speaking of, be careful to give them plenty of time to dry otherwise you will have a smudged mess. No base coat is needed, though you could add a topcoat for extra lasting power.

I really like these polishes for what they are but not for that gel finish, I recommend Barry M's little gel polishes as they are much more gel-like and very inexpensive.

That's it for this experiment, I hope you like it and found it useful!




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