Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and excited for the Summer because I certainly am, I'm so worn out with being cold and miserable all the time. I cannot wait for the Warmth of the Sunshine and the cool breeze of the seaside!

It's usually around now I would start to prep for summer with lots of exfoliating, moisturising and self tanning, but, well I kind of started that Back in January, I was THAT excited.

If you are a a YouTube subscriber of mine, or you have read my blog a lot, then you will know that I absolutely adore Dove Summer glow. I have used it for around 3 years now and has become my go to self tanner. I love it and use it throughout the whole year to take of the icy, white tinge to my skin and hide blue veins. It basically brings me to life and gives me a light, healthy glow.

I have always used the Normal to dark version because it's a barely there tan but can be built up into a light golden shade. But, recently it has come to ones attention that they also make a Medium to dark version and thought I'd give it a whirl. Plus it was on offer for £3-00 in ASDA, no thinking required there!

Well, people, I absolutely love it! It really is darker and after 2 light applications can end up with a medium golden tan. Though after one application I'm quite tanned and I just adore this shade as much, if not slightly more than my other one.

I think I prefer this shade for summertime and will keep using my normal to dark during the colder months. This means I will have a natural summer tan fading out to a barely there glow as Summer ends and Autumn begins.

I am obsessed because it smells and is the exact same self tan as the other, it's just the colour is a little stronger.

I know I've talked about it so much but this new version really deserved its own post so its kind of like a Dove summer glow part 2 or Dove Summer glow the next alignment lol.

I hope you don't mind me chatting about it all over again but this version is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it, well both actually. But this one will give you more colour, a more brown tan that looks like a real one that you've got from sitting in your garden sunbathing, its just beautiful. Even the girls in my family want to use it and I just don't want to share! He he!

Sorry I couldn't get any snaps of the actual tan, its a really difficult thing to snap pictures of, but In real life I'm a lovely light tan- brown colour, that I cannot wait to show off in dresses and white shirts during the summer.

It's a must have product for those who don't tan naturally, aren't or are going on holiday or want to preserve the tan they get for as long as possible!

I hope you enjoyed this post have a great weekend guys! 

We shall chat again soon, I'm off to tan with this baby!




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