Who doesn't love a bit of Makeup Revolution? Certainly not anybody that I know. I've read countless positive reviews and can attest myself that a lot of there products are amazing.

The Iconic 3 eye shadow palette just happens to be one of these fabulous make up products to buy and is a total dupe for the Urban Decay naked 3 palette. With 12 shades ranging from the palest pink to the rosiest of golds and darkest plums, there are enough shades to create a wide variety of looks; from subtle to smoky and day to night. I love these colours on my blue eyes as they really enhance and make the whites of my eyes much brighter than they appear.

The overall quality may not be up to Urban decay standards but still gives great pay-off and intensity with good make up brushes and blend out perfectly well with a sweep or two. I absolutely love this palette and when I want my eyes to really stand out I reach for this.

I haven't a bad thing to say about this eye shadow palette and the price tag is more than friendly so that anyone on a budget could snap up one for themselves. In fact, since they're only £4 you could have more than just the iconic 3 and build yourself a collection if your heart desired it.

I totally recommend it and next time you're out on a shopping spree save those few pounds for superdrug and pick yourself up this palette. You won't be disappointed and you'll have a gorgeous packaged palette to display alongside the rest of your make up. 

Let me know if you have this or you try it and what you think! I hope you liked this post and I wish you all a fabulous day!

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette £4 Available from Superdrug


  1. I have just received the Iconic 2 palette when I did a little Superdrug order and although I haven't used it yet, I am hoping that they don't disappoint. I do want to get the Naked 3 palette but I might buy the Iconic 3 palette and see how I get on with that before investing in the Naked 3. X

    1. O yea I highly recommend it! I think the UD naked palettes are ridiculously overpriced and if you're not so sure about whether you're going to use it a lot or not, Makeup rev's a good place to start. I still use this palette and am like Waow! everytime lol :)


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