Hi Everyone,

So, this is a moisturiser that's been on the market for quite a long time now and I've only just tried. I had recently popped into ASDA to pick up a few things and saw that it was on offer for just £3-00! I just had to try it as I have heard endless amazing reviews!

Garnier had designed the moisture match range with a selection of other moisturisers to suit different skin-types. But Since I have dry skin, I picked up the pink box, which is the 'Ultra hydrating rich cream'. 
This is for dry to very dry skin and contains ingredients such as Camellia oil, sweet almond oil and Shea butter. 

It feels very hydrating and has a smooth buttery texture which spreads and melts into skin beautifully.
I actually agree that it's not greasy at all, but definitely keeps skin hydrated and soft all day long.

Its got a really thick texture that I like but absorbs quite quickly and so there isn't much tackiness left on your face. It's also a paraben free formula which you know by now I hate in skincare products, well actually anything! For me thats a bonus and I love the fact that Garnier didn't go for that option.

But I do have one major quam with this moisturiser and that's simply because its loaded with dimethicone, which is a type of silicone that fills/blocks pores and for someone who is acne prone, is not a good thing to have.
It also gives the illusion that it's hydrating your skin but really its just sitting like a mask on your face and I much prefer a silicone free moisturiser for my face.

I am rather disappointed and really only like to apply this before makeup as you would do a primer. Since it's loaded with silicone like regular make-up primers I thought it would be a good idea and I can say it works well. It definitely smooths over pores and helps blend foundations and concealers evenly.
It feels like a thicker, more silky formula of Rimmel's Fix and perfect pro primer but works equally well, so this wont be going to waste.

I've seen a lot of folks rave about this product but I'm not so fond now because of the silicone.
 However, for those of you who don't mind that sort of thing and have dry skin I think you will like the effect and smoothness of your skin that it gives.

Otherwise It does a great job at being a primer, Sorry Garnier! But you were like one step being off a really great moisturiser for me. :( 

I hope this review helps some of you nonetheless and let me know what you think of the Garnier moisture match range if you've tried any!

Garnier Moisture Match Dry to very dry skin RRP £5-99 for 50ml Available from Superdrug.




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