Hi Everyone,

Well, it's pretty much a miserable day today, because it's been so grey and miserable for the past few days. It's supposed to be Spring, heading into summertime, it's may, why does it have to be like this? Stupid British weather!! lol.

Since I was feeling a little down, I thought I would chat about my favourite base/make-up product for the warmer weather, especially if my skin is quite clear and not so red. 
I honestly can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet, though, I've been wearing it for about 3-4 years now and I've never dedicated a single post too it, so here we go.

It's the one and only Garnier BB cream and this particular one I recently purchased, is for sensitive skin, though its basically the same as the original that I normally grab.

I'm forever Battling dry skin (like you didn't know that!) and with the warmer weather, especially for daytime, I like a very light base. I don't want my make-up melting off or sliding around. so something like this works well for little old me. 

I always have to get the 'light' shade because it's actually quite dark, I mean it's not for the more fairer ladies of the land, but more for someone who is slightly darker. 
In fact, to tell the truth it matches up with my Dove summer glow fake tan that I use practically all summer long, so it's perfect for me.

In this picture my hands are actually fake tanned yet you can still see how quite dark the BB cream is.
But As for the undertone, the colouring is more neutral, its not really yellow but not too pink either, so it should suit a lot of skin tones in that sense.

As most product packaging does, It has a lot of claims, such as, evens skin tone, boosts glow, hydrates for 24hrs etc etc. But I can honestly say it really just gives me the slightest coverage, protects my skin because it contains SPF25 (not great for flash photography!) and I guess it evens things out a little.

I don't exactly have great skin, its quite bumpy and I have lots of marks from old acne spots, so even though I really like this I need concealer as well.
However, I can confirm the glow factor, it definitely adds this radiance to your face, without shimmer or glitter. Can I get an Amen!

It's lovely for daytime and I tend to grab a new one of these every year but I feel like people with oily skin might want to avoid this. I think this would definitely be too much for your skin, However there is one for your specific skin type, isn't that handy?

If you do have troublesome skin you will definitely need concealer like myself and perhaps a touch of light powder to set it all in place. But for you lucky lasses with flawless skin, I don't believe you will have any issues whatsoever!

I love it and you can be sure it's what I will be wearing, yet again this summer!

Garnier BB cream 'Sensitive skin' Miracle skin perfector RRP £9-99 for 50ml
Available from Superdrug




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