Hi Everyone,

Today's beauty review will be kept short, sweet and to the point.

I've always used regular make-up or baby wipes to remove my eye make-up but since I'm getting a little older and those fine lines are creeping in, I want to use a product more specified for that job.

A few weeks ago I was in Superdrug and decided that I should give the 'Simple kind to eyes makeup remover' a try.

To which I have to just come out and say, I simply, don't like.

Not only does it contain a bunch of ingredients that I don't want around my eyes but it doesn't remove my Makeup at all. Though it claims to remove waterproof mascara, the reality is that it can barely shift eyeshadow.

Sure it has a non-greasy texture and feels as if I'm just using water, but I think water would actually do a better job, it simply cannot remove makeup but rather smear it.

When it comes to eyeliner you can be sure that this stuff will not do a thing and as for mascara, you will still have little clumps in your lashes. It almost creates a slight stain on your cotton pad but nothing more and the more you rub your eyeballs, the more irritated they are because this stuff just does not want to do anything.

My eyelids were red and sore after trying to remove my regular mascara, though it claims to remove even Water-proof mascara, which is beyond ridiculous. 

I will most definitely not be re-purchasing this product, whether I wear light or heavy eyemakeup, it makes no difference as to how this product works.

I personally would avoid this one if I were you but I have heard a lot of people saying they love this stuff! Though I can't understand how but things work differently for everyone I guess.

We just can't get along and there is no point in me further trying to push for something that just won't happen *sigh* This ones for the bin.

and so my search continues...

Anyway, I hope this quick little review helps some of you!

Feel free to leave any recommendations and share which ones you just can't get along with!




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