Hi Everybody!

Don't mind the LOreal Elnett spray and Cocoa Brown Tan in the background of this picture lol. Today I want to chat about the two main products in focus, those being the brand new Makeup removers from Garnier.

These purchases were inspired by another Beauty blogger FitzNBitz, who kind of raved about them on her beauty Youtube channel.
I had seen these products way back in January and decided not to buy them because I wanted to hear what others would say first. However, I'm so glad to have gotten my hands on them as they are actually very good!

I'm always using baby wipes to take of the top layer of my makeup off and then use my regular face wash for a deeper cleanse. Instead, these new products have been my go to, initial cleansing products and they feel so much better on the skin.

I can say that I really am loving both the Micellar Water and 2 in 1 Eye makeup remover and its really nice to have separate products for each task.

The Micellar water feels so light and slightly soapy when massaged around the face with a cotton pad. It's also very cooling on the skin and I haven't experienced any irritation as of yet, even though my skin has been acting up these past 2 weeks or so.

There's no particular scent, nothing floral or irritating anyway, just a slight chemical hint. It really reminds me of Bioderma but I think I actually might prefer this as it seems to remove makeup slightly better. I love the fact that it's much cheaper than Bioderma and more accessible, meaning I can get this anytime I want without having to order online!

The eye makeup remover doesn't feel too greasy either, it actually feels quite light but gets to work fast! It feels gentle but really can remove heavy duty eye makeup,  waterproof eyeliner and lashings of mascara, which means I can wear eyeliner all the time! I always hated wearing it because the following morning I would have a black smudged mess around my lower lash line and could never get it off, especially my waterproof liner!
I haven't experienced that since, however I'm not saying every tiny little dot is gone but barely anything is left and I don't have smudged, black eyes in the morning time, so that's good enough for moi!

 To use this Eyemakeup remover all you have to do is shake the bottle to mix the oil and water components together, simples! I recommend using a cotton pad and holding it over your eye for a few seconds before you begin to gently massage it around to remove your mascara and any eyeliner. It's really good and I can now enjoy wearing liner more often without worrying about getting it off!

You will need to use several cotton pads to remove your makeup, so don't think that less pads are needed. Keep your stash well loaded because each time I remove my makeup I use 3 large for my face and about 4 for my eyeballs!

Anyway I just wanted to fill you in on the deets about these new products and let you know that they are actually decent products. I highly recommend them too as they are both very inexpensive and that means you can repurchase often without breaking the bank!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water RRP £4-99 for 400ml, Available from Superdrug.
Garnier 2 in 1 Eye makeup remover 125ml RRP £3-49 Also Available from Superdrug.

I hope this helps!




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