Hi Everyone,

I just couldn't wait any longer to type up this post, I was planning to wait a while longer but I just have to!

Recently I was sent this mascara, from a lovely friend of mine, who also has her own blog and is an amazing makeup artist. You can check out her blog here, if you haven't already!

She knows that I struggle with keeping my lashes curled and love my lashes to stand out. I just think that it was so lovely that she thought to buy me one of these mascaras to try and also for reviewing purposes.

The 'Jordana Best Lash extreme volume Mascara' is available online from Amazon and is part of a well known, American, budget friendly makeup range. If you watch a lot of Youtube beauty channels then you will have heard quite a few of them talk about how amazing this mascara is!

I have to confirm everything that they say, it is really amazing! Especially for my stick straight lashes, that are quite blonde and don't like to look as if they even exist!

The brush is really good at allowing you to get down to the roots of your lashes and really work the product in. It's just the perfect size and the cut of the brush really helps to apply the mascara to your lower lashes as well.

I typically do two coats of this mascara and it gives me all the drama I could want. I absolutely love it and I haven't found a mascara that I've loved like this one in such a long time. 
The first coat is just my kind of base and the second is to amp up the ends of my lashes and give them one final push.  The formula isn't gloopy or too wet, meaning it sets a lot faster resulting in big fluttery flashes that I just love!
My lashes don't feel crispy or really flimsy either, Its just the perfect combo of everything I adore in a mascara.

I much prefer this to my LOreal voluminous mascara that everyone seems to love, I really dislike it as I find it to be gloopy and too heavy for my lashes to even hold.

This mascara feels much lighter and doesn't flake of during the daytime either. It's also quite easy to remove and comes off nicely without any serious effort.

I'm now quite jealous of Americans because I think I just may have found my most favourite mascara of all time. I really wish we had the brand over here in the UK too because Its going to be a sad day once this mascara is all used up :(
I will constantly reorder this mascara until I get bored and want to try others, though who would get bored of this amazing quality mascara?

I highly recommend this, especially to American readers but If you can get hold of it from Amazon, then do! Trust me on this one, it's worth the wait and money well spent.

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous day!

and a massive thankyou to my friend Sonya because this post wouldn't be happening without her! 




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