Hello lovely People,

So here I am, a month later, having played around with this palette several times and ready to share my thoughts.

Firstly, one can confirm that it was a brilliant purchase and money well spent. I do not regret buying this palette at all.

For a long time I've wanted to own matte eye shadows and even considered building a quad with MAC cosmetics over time. But after weighing up the costs and how often I wear makeup, I felt like it was just too high a price to pay.

This little palette from Urban Decay costs £22-00 and is readily available from either Debenhams or more recently FeelUnique. It's a price that I could happily justify, for the quality of the product, which is just amazing.

If you know me at all then you know how much I adore the MUA, 12 eyeshadow palettes from Superdrug, my personal favourite being the 'Undress Me too' It comes with mostly shimmer shades that I just adore but grew tired of constantly using and wearing all the time.

Don't get me wrong I'm not the type who wants to own a million different eyeshadows and palettes and have a massive makeup collection. But I do like a change and after playing with my MUA palette for almost a year, I really wanted something new and much more, matte.

The Eyeshadows are so pigmented and smooth, you barely need to dip your brush and there's more than enough product, ready to use. They blend easy and are great to use for a quick, everyday makeup look.
I was really shocked by the quality because I've never owned something like this before and they last so well.

I haven't captured swatches of the shadows because my camera doesn't pick it up too well, so instead, just took a few pictures to show the different shades that make up this wonderful palette.

From the left

 Venus - A satin, shimmer shade, perfect for highlighting inner corner of eyes.
Foxy - A matte cream shade, I actually like to use this to set my under eye concealer and it works really well.
Walk of Shame - A pink based matte that I like to use all over my lid as a base colour and it's really pretty.

From Left

Naked 2 - A matte taupe that has a surprising warm undertone, I love this shade for the crease colour.
Faint- A warm, matte, chocolate brown that Is great to use for a heavier, smokey eye look.
Crave- A simple matte black, great to set any eyeliner with and keep it lasting much longer.

You can create a simple everyday look or a darker, sexy smokey eye and these 6 shades are everything that I wanted in one. It fits perfectly into my make-up bag because of how small and compact it is, making it easy to travel with. 

Speaking of, the packaging is very sturdy and has a rubbery texture so if you drop it, it wont smash to pieces. (P.S I've already dropped it at least 3 times)

I just love this little palette and it took me a while before I decided to get it. Being me, I like to wait until the hype is over, especially for more expensive products and then buy it, but only on the grounds that I know I'll actually use it.

It's a permanent fixture in my make-up bag and something that will remain there for a long time yet.

I highly recommend it, I mean I love this little palette, very much, but at the end of the day its just another eyeshadow palette so don't be too upset if you can't afford it.

It's not something you need but lovely to own if you want to try more high end shadows with more matte shades.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions! :)




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