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As some of you may or may not know, I am a fan of the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan and think its fabulous. 

I had blogged a review several months ago, both here and on my Youtube channel. However it was based on my first impression and would like to update you sometime soon. I'm planning an update video for most of my first impression/review videos and will follow up with a blogpost to go along.

But, for today I am going to chat about one of the most raved about body scrubs in the history of the beauty world, both by bloggers and fans of the Cocoa Brown range. 

Ladies & gentlemen? I give you 'Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff'..... in a TUBE! How exciting eh? 
Originally it came in little sachets but due to such high demand, it now comes in a 200ml Tube costing just £7-99 from FeelUnique

I have been wanting to get my hands on this for such a long time and since I still had some Christmas money left over, I headed straight to Feelunique and picked it up for a discounted price.
I was ridiculously over excited to know this was making it's way to me and couldn't wait to try it out and see what all the fuss was about.

Although the packaging is pretty and girly, wait until you see the actual tough stuff! It's bright pink too! Fans of the colour will be in girl heaven and completely in love with this product.

It has the gorgeous, trademark Cocoa Brown scent, which in my opinion, reminds me of watermelon. It's so light and feminine and I wish they had a body spritz to go along with the range, it just smells fab!

It has a creamy, yet runny texture, with lots of little scrubby bits inside and I've never tried a body scrub quite like this one. My first thought was, this will never work on my dry skin, it's going to be too gentle. But as you start blending it over in circular motions, it starts to get to work and you can feel it really exfoliating your skin.

 I love the texture as it's so finely milled, it exfoliated my skin beautifully and left my skin so soft afterwards.

 It can be used on wet or dry skin and for my first go I just used it on wet skin, as the packaging describes, it was much more gentle and not so harsh. Great for sensitive gals like myself or folks with sore dry cracked skin from harsh weather conditions.

The second time I tried it on my horrible dry skin to get rid of some old fake tan patches I had left over and the difference afterwards was incredible. My skin got a really deep, super exfoliating session and was left with even, super soft skin.

Not once have I used my regular exfoliating gloves since I got this little beauty, I probably still will use them every-now and then. But when it comes to removing tan I will be using this alone, on dry skin as its more than enough on its own.

It will work well for days when I need to exfoliate, but my skin is really sensitive and also when I need a deep exfoliating session for some left over tan marks. Perfect for pre-tanning and getting extra help to fade my tan naturally, which isn't always easy with my skin type.

One thing I will say is that you do need quite a lot of product for one use. A large dollop per body part is required and I feel like I will run out of this tube quicker than I will the tan.

But, I honestly don't feel like I need to worry about my tan anymore and feel much more confident that my tan will look natural and not so patchy as it begins to wear off. 
Trust me I have tried a lot of exfoliants for the body over the years and I genuinely have never come across one like this. (Not even St Tropez can beat this beauty, in my books!) 

 I absolutely love it and highly recommend to everyone!

So if you have dry skin, love to self tan, can never get it to fade naturally, or want smoother skin, then I definitely recommend you try this product out. It's that good, I have another one on it's way, I just don't want to be without this stuff, I feel like I can count on it and for it to never let me down.

Another easy to use and very reliable product from Cocoa Brown, just fabulous!

I hope this review helps and doesn't sound too kiss- ass lol

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a fabulous day!




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